SEO Jobs in Houston, TX (2024 Case Study)


Recently, our company reviewed SEO jobs in Houston, TX, to better understand the current state of the market.Here’s what we found out:Key TakeawaysThe average salary for SEO specialist jobs is $57,358.Most jobs (91%) are on-site, not hybrid or remote jobs.There’s a large number of entry-level jobs compared to other locations.The Average Annual Salary for SEO Jobs in Houston is $57,358During our research, we looked at over 100 job descriptions in Houston, TX, and its surrounding areas, including Sugar Land, TX, and Katy, TX.We found that SEO jobs in and around Houston, TX, pay, on average, $57,358. Our previous research shows this is 10.4% less than the national average of $64,032.Mostly all job types, full and part-time, pay between $45k and $80k. Some jobs are paying between $85k and $100k, however.Houston, TX, has 71% More SEO Job OpportunitiesHouston, TX, has 71% more SEO job opportunities compared to other locations we previously researched.These opportunities were part and full-time options:The jobs found during our salary search consisted of companies like Dan-Loc Group, Texas Children’s Hospital, Kreig LLC, Rice University, and the Optic Marketing Group.There were only a few hybrid work opportunities from these companies, 5.5% to be exact, and even fewer remote work positions.52% of SEO Jobs in Houston, TX, Require Mid-Level ExperienceOver 50% of all SEO jobs in Houston, TX, require mid experience level. However, there were a nice amount of entry-level job roles. For senior-level roles, though, there were hardly any.96% of All SEO jobs in Houston, TX, Require a Bachelor’s Degree or HigherNearly all jobs had a bachelor’s degree or higher requirement (for instance, a master’s degree).Some jobs were for people with an associate degree or lower (such as a high school degree). However, they’re very limited.Top 5 SEO Skills in Demand in Houston, TXDuring our research of SEO jobs in Houston, TX, we found that these are the five most in-demand skills that make you an ideal candidate.Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using updated search engine optimization strategies, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO to drive organic traffic.Social Media Marketing: An understanding of inbound marketing and general online marketing material and how social media can help your overall SEO strategy and brand awareness.Keyword Research: Knowledge of the best practices to research keywords and topics that fulfill your web content marketing goals.Email Marketing: Using an email marketing strategy to boost SEO efforts or to perform lead generation.Performance Marketing: A deep understanding of A/B testing and CRO on SEO content strategies to increase CTR, engagement, and website performance.During our job search in Houston, TX, we also found less-needed skills, such as an understanding of Google Analytics, digital content creation, search engine marketing, Google local ads, customer service, and data analytics.ConclusionSearch jobs in Houston, TX, present a great opportunity for those with entry or mid-level experience.Though SEO jobs in Houston, TX, have a below-average salary, it presents an opportunity for new SEOs to enter the market.One last note: if this seems overwhelming, you should consider getting an SEO career mentor or learning an SEO training curriculum like Gotch SEO Academy.You may also like:

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