SEO Jobs in Glendale, AZ (2024 Case Study)


Recently, our team took a look at SEO jobs in Glendale, AZ, to better understand jobs in this area.Here’s what we found out:Key TakeawaysSEO specialists get paid an average of $56,277.74.3% of all jobs in the area are full-time.15% of job descriptions offered remote jobs.The Average Annual Salary for SEO Jobs in Glendale is $56,277After researching the various job alerts and descriptions in Glendale, AZ, we discovered that the average SEO salary is $56,277. This is 12.1% lower than the national average of $64,032.Alongside this, nearly all job types are paid between $45k and $80k annually. There are only a few jobs paying more than $85k – these are normally SEO manager jobs.When compared to other places in Arizona, such as Scottsdale, AZ, Chandler, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and Gilbert, AZ, Glendale’s SEO salaries are almost identical.Other locations, such as Mesa, AZ, however, pay much better than Glendale.Glendale, AZ, Offers 39% More SEO Job OpportunitiesWe also found that Glendale, AZ, offers 39% more than average. Most jobs are full-time, while a small selection (25.7%) was part-time or other.For the most part, these jobs were on-site. However, there were a few hybrid and work-from-home jobs to select between.Offering these jobs were top brands in the area, such as Champions Group Holding, Hearst Media Services, Affinity Collaborations, and more.Important note: quite a few real estate business owners were looking for SEO specialists in this location.65.4% of SEO Jobs in Glendale, AZ, Require Mid-Level ExperienceOver half of the jobs offered also required mid-level experience. Following this was an entry-level experience level and then a senior-level experience.Almost 91% of All SEO Jobs in Glendale Require a Bachelor’s Degree or HigherMost jobs also needed a bachelor’s degree or higher.Though there are some jobs that only require an associate degree or lower, there isn’t a lot.Top 5 SEO Skills in Demand in Glendale, AZAfter reviewing SEO jobs in Glendale, Arizona, we also found some very in-demand skills. These included the following:SEO (Search Engine Optimization): An understanding of link building, local SEO, on- and off-page SEO, link building, Google Analytics, technical SEO, and SEO tools.Social Media Marketing: Knowledge of social media marketing and management across various social media platforms.Keyword Research: Using SEO tools and organic search results to perform keyword research that can be used for website content creation and an SEO strategy.Performance Marketing: A/B split testing and CRO on landing pages to boost performance, such as organic traffic or conversions.Marketing Automation: Using marketing tools, such as content management systems, to automate tasks like email marketing, CRO, brand awareness, etc.There were other less in-demand skills, also, such as web design, Google Ads, graphic design, customer service, user experience optimization, content strategy, and others.ConclusionIn general, Glendale, AZ, presents an “okay” opportunity for those looking to step up their internet marketing game.There’s a lovely amount of entry-level Specialist jobs where you can improve your search result skills. Once improved, you may even be able to tap into their senior-level roles.One last note: if this seems overwhelming, you should consider getting an SEO career mentor or learning an SEO training curriculum like Gotch SEO Academy.You may also like:

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