SEO Job Market in Chicago, Illinois (2023 Case Study)


We studied 229 job postings to understand Chicago’s current SEO job market better.In this new report, you’ll learn:Here’s what we discovered:Key TakeawaysThe average salary for SEO jobs in Chicago is $68,181 per year (11% higher than the national average).Only 52% of SEO jobs in Chicago require a bachelor’s degree (or higher).62% of SEO positions seek candidates with mid to senior-level experience.The Average Annual Salary for SEO Jobs in Chicago is $68,181 (11% Higher Than the National Average)Here’s how the SEO job salary distribution looked in Chicago (according to Indeed):62% of SEO Jobs in Chicago Require Mid to Senior-Level ExperienceAnd only 23% of opportunities allow for entry-level SEO experience.Educational requirements are moderate in Chicago because only:54% of SEO Job Opportunities in Chicago Require a Bachelor’s Degree (or Higher)Where to Find the Best SEO Jobs in Chicago1. SEOJobs.comAs a specialized job board, focuses solely on SEO employment opportunities. The family-owned and USA-based website offers job listings, from in-office to remote, work-from-home positions.With affordable pricing and free options for job postings, this platform is an excellent starting point for finding SEO jobs in Chicago.2. LinkedInWith over 450 SEO job listings in Chicago, LinkedIn is a powerful platform for professional networking and job hunting.Create a compelling profile, showcase your skills and experience, and connect with industry professionals to increase your chances of landing your ideal job.3. IndeedIndeed is a popular job search engine listing over 229 SEO jobs in Chicago.Ranging from SEO specialists to SEO managers and copywriters, Indeed is an excellent resource for finding diverse opportunities in the SEO industry.4. Built In ChicagoBuilt In Chicago is an online community dedicated to Chicago’s startups and tech companies.Built In Chicago is the perfect platform if you’re interested in working with a startup or a tech-focused organization.ConclusionWith an average annual salary of $68,181, which is 11% higher than the national average, Chicago presents lucrative opportunities for individuals in the SEO field. Additionally, the city’s job market is inclusive, with only 52% of positions requiring a bachelor’s degree or higher, providing access to a wide range of candidates.The report also indicates a demand for experienced professionals, as 62% of listings target candidates with mid to senior-level experience, underscoring the city’s need for seasoned experts in SEO.

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