SEO Bite #8 – Create for People, Not Google


Google’s algorithms react to what people do.That’s why it’s best to focus on your prospects instead of trying to manipulate algorithms like this website:They were killing it for years. But guess what they did?They lost sight of the purpose of their website.Instead of creating helpful content to serve their readers and prospects, they created content for algorithms.In fact:100% of the content on their website is keyword-centric.This is why I’ve taken a much different approach with our brand, Gotch SEO Academy.We’ve introduced SEO Bites and an SEO podcast.Most of these posts we publish won’t drive any organic search traffic.THAT’S OKAY!Care less about Google’s algorithms and do more cool stuff for your audience and prospects.That leads to all the good stuff, like shares, backlinks, and organic traffic.Speaking of “organic” traffic.Here’s the definition of “organic”:“Characterized by continuous or natural development.” – OxfordRead that again…Natural development. Not artificial development.It’s not supposed to be manufactured.It’s supposed to come naturally by doing great work.SEO Bite #8: Do stuff for your audience and prospects, not for Google’s algorithms.Watch this to understand how Googe’s algorithms are nothing more than reactionary: Want More SEO Bites?Subscribe because SEO Bites are not published anywhere else.

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