Screw Big Tech! Kanye Following Musk With Purchase of His Own Social Media. Set To Buy Parler


It’s been a rough stretch for Kanye West. He’s lost his woman, several major endorsements, his accounts on Twitter and Instagram were suspended; Kanye just can’t win! So, what does and estimated billionaire do when big tech won’t let him play on their platforms anymore? Screw them, just buy your own! That’s exactly what Kanye is doing.

Following the leads of Donald Trump and “Truth Social”, and Elon Musk with his pending purchase of Twitter, Ye has decided to purchase Parler. Parler was conceived as a free speech site for conservatives, without the censorship of the left, the Biden administration, and big tech. Of course, since January 6 happened, as a response big tech de-platformed Parler in retaliation, so there were truly no conservative sites where like-minded people could be heard. With Ye’s impending purchase of Parler this could all change. Check this out.

Saying “[i]n a world where conservative opinions are considered to be controversial, we have to make sure we have the right to freely express ourselves,” Kanye West is making the leap to become the owner of the social media platform Parler. CNBC reported the news following an announcement from the company. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Ye joins Elon Musk in standing up for freedom of thought, expression, and speech in the digital age’s town squares. Musk is currently negotiating the purchase of Twitter for $44 billion.

CNBC added that the timing comes on the heels of being blacked out from far-left social media giants like Twitter and Instagram, the latter of which is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta.

This is a major shot across the liberal bow for free speech and open thoughts and ideas. The left loves nothing more than to control the narrative, and with Trump and Truth Social, it was claimed that the platform was racist and full of MAGA crazy people. All false of course, but most people won’t think for themselves with issues like this.

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The impending purchase of Twitter by Musk has made it harder for the left to put down the possibility of free speech returning to mainstream social media. While leftists have taken every opportunity to run down Musk, Elon just doesn’t care, and is too rich to be cancelled.

The same is true of Kanye West. West has such a broad appeal, as well as being African American, so it will be very difficult for the left to label his as a racist or MAGA extremist, though undoubtedly, they will still try. The beauty is, Ye just doesn’t care. he will do his own thing, and likely double down with the more criticism he gets.

CNBC noted that Parler has recently raised over $56 million and that Kanye is worth as much as $2 billion, a fortune amassed through the sale of Yeezy sneakers and previous affiliations with companies like Gap and Adidas. As with his access to Twitter and Instagram, Gap likewise ended its relationship with Kanye and Adidas is reportedly going to do the same.

The move also comes on the heels of JP Morgan Chase announcing Kanye’s business would no longer be accepted and that he would have to move over $100 million from their bank.

As sponsors and businesses end their relationship with West, he continues to push forward. His net worth along with Parler, who is also flush with new cash should provide Kanye every opportunity to transform Parler.

It should also be noted that Parler’s parent company has an interesting CEO, Candace Owns husband. The same Candace Owens that is in tight with Kanye West. We have the making of something big happening here. Hopefully West keeps pushing forward, and one more free speech platform will gain traction for conservative voices.



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