School District Nixes ‘Boy’ for 10-Year-Olds, Replaces It With ‘Person Who Produces Sperm’


For those of you who were boys or girls in elementary school, you’re increasingly a dying breed — thanks to America’s evolved understanding of sex.

According to its website, Vermont’s Essex Westford School District was established in 2017 and “serves approximately 4,000 pre-K-12th grade students.” Essex is nothing if not progressive; in June of 2021, the district launched an immense equity initiative.

From SevenDaysSVT:

The policy, which the district’s 12 principals endorsed, lists 13 “indicators” that will show it is working, including a more diverse curriculum and staff; mandatory staff training around bias, stereotypes and equity; and teaching about the past in a way that dismantles “revisionist frameworks that perpetuate inaccurate portrayals of people in privileged and subjugated positions.”

One of Essex Westford’s schools is Founders Memorial, which recently sent a letter to “fifth grade families and caregivers.” At issue: a change to 10-year-olds’ health lessons.

“It is time for our science/health unit about the human body focused on the human reproductive systems,” the missive begins. “This unit will take place during the last few months of school.”

Staff and students will stick to the basics:

We will focus on the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty and briefly introduce the basic structure and function of human reproduction systems.

The school is determined to “align [its] curriculum” with the district’s equity plan. Therefore, “Teachers will be using gender-inclusive language throughout [the science/health] unit.”

The letter offers two examples of inclusion. Curiously, the lesson plan won’t include boys or girls. Also in the name of inclusion, Founders Memorial will make certain to exclude males and females. As for people who subscribe to such categories, they’ll be excluded for the sake of inclusivity.

To accomplish additional inclusion, parents and students who believe sex is observed at birth — rather than “assigned” — will be on the outs.

Further excluded: the notion that human beings bear assigned sex.

Now onto the overwhelming inclusion…

We will be using the following language with students:

  • Person who produces sperm in place of boy, male, and assigned male at birth.
  • Person who produces eggs in place of girl, female, and assigned female at birth.

For eons, the concept of men and women has been embraced; human beings have been categorized according to their sex. In an unexpected turn, society has whipped up something all-new late in the game:

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Where sex is concerned, kids in and around Essex Junction, Vermont are getting a cutting-edge education. Founders Memorial notes that all worksheets and handouts are being edited to exclude all things but one in the name of inclusion. In the meantime, the letter says, “You may see some worksheets that have not changed yet.”

Surely the job will soon be complete, setting youngsters on course to become well-adjusted possessors of sperm and eggs.



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