Save $100 on the Shark AV993 IQ robot vacuum


SAVE $100: As of September 28, the Shark AV993 IQ robot vacuum is on sale for $199.99 at Amazon, which is 33% off its regular price of $299.99.

Vacuuming your crib is often the last thing on your mind when you have school, work, and family responsibilities competing for your attention. Luckily, it’s 2023, which means your days of navigating an upright vac around the house and spending many a frustrated hour on deep-cleaning are long gone. Enter: The robot vacuum. And not just any robot vacuum (because, let us tell you, there are many great options to choose from on the market) — but one from the trusted robovac brand Shark.

As of September 28, you can grab a Shark AV993 IQ robot vacuum for just $199.99, a 33% discount off its regular price of $299.99. A Benjamin’s worth of savings doesn’t happen often — in fact, this is the AV993 IQ’s lowest price ever. Sure, there are more advanced Shark vac models out there that boast AI laser vision and room mapping, but those will cost you way over $200. Instead, you might want to go for the bargain price on a quality option.


This week’s robot vacuum deals include multiple self-emptying Shark and Roomba vacs under $400

The Shark AV993 IQ robot vacuum emphasizes intelligent cleaning; it features row-by-row, precise area coverage, a self-cleaning brush roll (sparing you from the unpleasant task of picking out coiled hair), automatic recharging, and Alexa/Google Assistant voice control capabilities. This vacuum is especially great for pet parents since it has a powerful filter that traps dander, fur, and other pet allergens. With an XL-sized dustbin, you won’t have to worry about emptying it after every single run. Plus, it’s got 2000pa suction power.

Simplify your cleaning routine with this lasting purchase from Shark without draining your savings account.

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