Roseanne Barr SWOONS over ‘HOT’ new Trump mugshot


Twitter is going crazy with the return of Donald Trump tonight. While many leftists are seriously melting down, one Hollywood type is loving Trump and his new mugshot.

Roseanne Barr thinks Trump looks better than ever in what is a very good picture of Trump.

Congresswoman Boebert agreed with Roseanne as well.

Many on Twitter were cheering Roseanne on.

Listen, jail lighting is harsh. For a man who is almost eighty, he pulled if off well. Cheers to his stylist.


One thing about Roseanne … she is going to show up.

She is a lovable queen.

Honestly, it’s hard to understand this in 2023.

No one will ever wonder where they stand with either Trump or Roseanne. That is for sure.

Not everyone was a fan of the post. Some felt this proves Roseanne is a bit crazy. All creatives are a bit eccentric, even your beloved Twitchy writers. We can’t fault her for that.

While it’s fun to compliment the mug shot, America must remember behind the mugshot, are actual criminal charges and we are facing a two tiered justice system clearly targeting Republicans. As you pray and support the defendants, keep in mind this is a dark time and it is important to reform these agencies before they target more conservatives.

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