Richard Hanania Says ‘I’m Just Asking Questions, Man!’ After Putting Up Disgusting Poll


The name ‘Richard Hanania’ should ring some bells for long time reader of Twitchy. In the past we’ve covered him discussing such topics as bumping off old people for the good of society, how the true tragedy of places not having abortion is all of the kids with Downs Syndrome that will be born, and his take that ‘a China-led world might be a more humane one.’ 

Well now Hanania is back with a new poll and … not to put too fine a point on it but it’s really gross.

Who even thinks to ask this kind of question? Even a Classical Utilitarian like Jeremy Bentham or James Mill in the midst of a fever dream would never countenance this sort of thing. 

After a good twelve hours of getting pummeled in his replies Hanania finally came back to say that he’s ‘just asking questions, man’, basically.

‘It’s just a hypothetical, bro!’ Nobody seems to be buying it.


Sure sounds different when you put it that way, huh?

Good point.

Is Hanania just looking to juice his next payout from the Twitter Ad Revenue Sharing program? Maybe. Richard has always seemed to operate under the old adage ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’ but… is that always true? If something’s going to generate some bad publicity we sure hope that this will be it. It’s a horrifying question to ask. The small ray of light in this is that at least the poll is a runaway in favor of not being a psychopath, but if it were up to us the FBI would be subpoenaing Twitter for the names of everyone who voted in the affirmative on the poll. Disgusting in any context.


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