RFK Jr Says His Father, Uncle Were Fighting the Military Industrial Complex Before Their Murders


Last Updated on April 30, 2023

2024 Democrat Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told Piers Morgan that his father, and uncle (Robert F. Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy) were fighting against the military-industrial complex and the fascistic merger of corporate and state power before they were murdered.

“My father and uncle were fighting against the emergence of the military-industrial complex,” RFK Jr. told Piers Morgan in an interview on Morgan’s television program, “The Talk.”

“Their deaths really marked a fork in the road for our country and the rest of the world,” RFK Jr. went on, adding that “we started down this road towards corporatism, what I call the merger, this corrupt merger of state and corporate power.”

Kennedy Jr. went on in the interview to add that “President Eisenhower wanted us,” just days before John F. Kennedy took office, about the “rise of the military-industrial complex which has turned America into a warfare state abroad and a surveillance state at home.”

Watch the video below:

The comments from Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the wake of others he made against the military-industrial complex, during a recent Fox News interview with Neil Cavuto, calling for an end to the war in Ukraine as he compared the situation to the Cuban missile crisis of his uncle John F. Kennedy’s presidency. When he did so, Cavuto shut his response down, countering Kennedy Jr. with calls for more US involvement in the war.

We went over there [to Ukraine] being told that this was a humanitarian mission and now President Biden is saying that we’re there because we want regime change in Russia, which is the same thing the neocons did in Iraq with catastrophic results,” RFK Jr told Cavuto.

“When the Russians put missiles in Cuba in 1962 when my uncle was President, we were ready to invade. The Russians, I think, have an objection to us putting those kinds of missile systems that can deliver, 70 miles from their border, can deliver nuclear -” Kennedy said, as Cavuto cut his remarks off.

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As RFK Jr.’s campaign for President takes off, it’s making major waves within the Democrat Party, which could be forced to put RFK Jr. on the debate stage alongside Joe Biden, though it’s expected that party leadership will fight hard against the party’s own members to stop this from happening.

According to recent polling data, RFK Jr., whose campaign is sounding the alarm on not just the military-industrial complex, but Big Pharma tyranny, has already garnered the support of a wide swath of voters, polling as high as 20%.

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