Rewriting Recent History: Red Steeze and Others Point Out the Gaslighting Tactics of Ian Bremmer


Ian Bremmer is not well known on Twitchy. He has shown up in a story where he tried to delete a tweet calling Elon Musk ‘On the Spectrum’ but not really much since that time. We feel like after the ignorant post we are about to tell you about that may change.

According to his X bio, along with various sources, Bremmer is an American political scientist, author, and adjunct Professor at Columbia Sipa as well as a columnist at Time. He is also president of Eurasia Group and GZero Media. Basically, he is a BIG Leftist with a BIG platform to spout his silly Lefty talking points without getting much pushback. 

Let us start with his post: 

Look, We write about politics and Leftists A LOT and this attempt to rewrite what actually happened in such a short span almost gave us whiplash. They usually try to wait longer than a month. 

Queue the snarky and talented Stephen L. Miller (aka @redsteeze) to call him out and expose Bremmer’s attempts at rewriting such recent history.

YUP! There was no time for Israel to ‘leverage’ anything. People were up in arms and pretending that Israel was in the wrong before most of the world was even aware of what was happening. 


EXACTLY! It was even less than 48 hours then and it is now less than a month before Leftists like Ian are trying to make us all think what we saw did not happen. It did happen and Israel has no choice but to destroy Hamas and be sure it never happens again. If they let up, it WILL happen again. 

Well, he is obviously a Leftist, whether he admits to it in his bio or not, so malicious and delusional are considered prerequisites. 

Others on X got in on the game as well. 

Bad faith nonsense is a perfect description of what Bremmer is trying to get us to buy. 

She is onto something because every liberal we know lives in an imaginary world where socialism is going to work if we finally ‘do it right’ and there are 100 genders, biological males have no advantages physically over women in sports, and bad guys will give up their guns as long as the good guys do it too. Taking all of those nutty ideas into consideration, the fact Bremmer is making up a whole world in his imagination and asking us to believe in it with him seems right on brand. 

Never. That answer is never at least not a collective outpouring across political lines. 

BINGO! There was NEVER any sympathy for Israel on the national stage and there was never going to be a coalition.

Please take a seat Mr. Brenner and stop the gaslighting. Nobody is buying it.


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