Report: Owen Shroyer Obtains Books, Snacks, And A Radio In Solitary Confinement


Last Updated on October 27, 2023

Legendary Infowars War Room host Owen Shroyer has obtained books and a radio while he stews in the “hole” in federal prison in Louisiana, and he has also received snacks from fellow inmates. Owen Shroyer is serving a 60-day sentence for allegedly inspiring the January 6 crowd, and his case is drawing widespread protest from First Amendment lovers. With the FCI Oakdale prison blaming Coronavirus policy, Owen Shroyer is in solitary confinement right now.

The @OwenShroyer1776 account, “Political Prisoner Owen Shroyer,” provided an update: “UPDATE: I have confirmed through a contact within FCI Oakdale that Owen is doing well. He was able to get a radio/books. Some inmates have passed along snacks. He’s scheduled to leave the SHU on Monday. Owen reiterated to please follow the rules when sending mail to avoid complications. Next week we plan to provide a direct update via recorded phone call. Date and time to be announced. #FreeOwen #FreeOwenShroyer”

In an address to his fans, taped right before he went into prison, Owen Shroyer said, “I promise that I’m never going to give up telling the truth. I’m never going to give up fighting for you.” Shroyer also called for his fans to use these 60 days to improve themselves as he tries to improve himself while incarcerated. What an inspiring message of positivity! Clearly, the fact that he is already getting snacks gifted to him by fellow inmates could be a hopeful optimistic sign.

Other patriots have undergone the torture of solitary confinement. When Baked Alaska emerged from his stint at the FCI Miami federal prison in Florida he gave his post-prison interview with NATIONAL FILE, and he described what it’s like in one of those “SHU (Special Housing Units).” Baked Alaska managed to get a copy of The Bible and a Game of Thrones book to get him through the experience. Guess how long Baked Alaska was in solitary confinement in Miami? Sixteen days!

“They take everything from you — no TV, no property, no radio, you can only shower 3 times a week, you can’t do commissary. You are locked down 24 hours a day. They escort you in handcuffs to even go to the shower. They enjoy torturing you in there. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. The only way I made it through is God. My faith in The Bible,” Baked Alaska said of his time in solitary confinement at FCI Miami, where he claimed he was placed because an officer did not like his politics.

America Loves Owen Shroyer! Keep praying for Owen Shroyer, a free speech champion who deserves to climb many mountains in the future.

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