Report: 12-year-old Boy Scout wakes to black bear chomping on his leg while camping in upstate New York


UPSTATE NY- According to reports, a 12-year-old Boy Scout had a black bear chomping on his leg during a camping trip at an upstate New York park.

The bear was peaking around the campsite late at night at Harriman State Park, which is located in Rockland and Orange counties, when it stumbled upon a group of Boy Scouts from Cooperstown. The 12-year-old boy, Henry Ayers, told NBC New York:

“It moved my friend John, and then it moved me – but instead of grabbing my sleeping bag, it grabbed my leg and bit me.”

The bear jolted Henry and his buddies awake. Henry added:

“It was absolutely crazy! I mainly sat up and I screamed! There was a giant bear leaning right over me. I screamed and I kicked at it and it wandered back a little.”

It’s a miracle that the boy wasn’t seriously hurt. He got a few scratches on his leg and after the bear left the area, the boys headed over to a a nearby shelter to sleep the rest of the night.

However, the bear wasn’t done just yet and came back hours later, still in search for some food. Scout Master Diana Nicols said:

“A little after 4 in the morning was the final time it came and I thought to take out my phone and take a video of it and I was trying to reach. It was very close to reaching another hiker’s bear bag.”

Park officials later found the bear and per state rules, they had to euthanize it. Henry said:

“I wish they didn’t euthanize it. It associated us with food, but we know that was our fault not the bear’s fault. It was just you know, being a bear.”

Henry said he now has a story he will never forget and an important lesson about how humans should protect wildlife. He said he plans on going camping again very soon, at Boy Scout camp this summer. Henry said:

“I am not scared of camping anymore! And I’m not scared of bears, it’s completely OK.”

His mom, Shelly Sharkey, said that her son had nine rabies shots over four days, but escaped serious injury. She added:

“He had some scrapes and bruises, but other than that he was fine. He’s going on a one-week camping trip this summer … but this time, he’s requesting to bring bear spray.”

Around May 20th, a couple living in Medford, Wisconsin, were attacked by a bear inside their own home after the animal broke through their window.

The husband and wife were both injured, but their children, who were asleep in their bedrooms at the time of the attack, were unharmed. According to the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office, the husband shot and killed the bear.

The couple reportedly first saw the bear outside eating from a bird feeder, so they opened their window and yelled at the bear to try to get it to leave. The Taylor County Sheriff’s Office said:

“The bear immediately turned and charged at the house, breaking through the window and into the house and immediately attacked.”

Both the husband and the wife sustained several bites and injuries as they tried to fend off the attack, at one point even stabbing the bear with a kitchen knife. Eventually, the husband was able to get to his firearm and he fatally shot the bear.

The bear, identified by authorities as an adult female, appeared to have a cub, which was seen running off as the bear charged the house.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, bears are typically afraid of humans are are rarely aggressive. However, they may become defensive when protecting their cubs or a food source and could get agitate if they are startled.

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Another day, another horrific video in police-defunded NYC: Trio wanted for breaking woman’s jaw in attack

May 27th, 2022

NEW YORK, NY – Another day, another shocking video out of violence-ridden New York City. This time, the shocking video in question captures three men brutally beating a woman in the Bronx, with one breaking her jaw via a swift kick to her face.

The unidentified victim, 37, was arguing with a man at the northwest corner of Lydig Avenue and White Plains Road in Pelham Parkway at 9:15 p.m. on May 18 when the violence erupted, the NYPD said.


Surveillance footage shows two men shoving the woman, sending her backward onto the sidewalk. Numerous people are shown standing by, with none offering her assistance.

Then all three repeatedly punched and kicked her. One man, wearing a blue, white and red hooded sweatshirt, a light-colored baseball cap, blue jeans, a black backpack and boots, kicked her in the face as she struggled to get up.

The victim suffered a broken jaw in the attack and was taken to Jacobi Medical Center, where she was treated and released.


The New York Police Department said it is still looking for all three suspects and issued handouts with stills from the video showing the trio in action.

One suspect is described as having a medium complexion and medium build, with brown eyes and short, dark hair.

He was wearing a black, hooded sweatshirt with a graphic on the front stating “Legends never die,” a blue baseball cap, gray sweatpants, a red backpack and white sneakers, police said.

The suspect who delivered the jaw-breaking kick to the face has a medium complexion and slim build, with brown eyes and short, close-cut dark hair, police said.

Police said the third suspect has a medium complexion and medium build, with brown eyes and short, dark hair who wore a dark-colored, hooded sweatshirt, a red t-shirt, dark-colored pants and white sneakers.

Don’t believe us when we say this level of brutality is a near-daily occurrence? How about a twice-daily occurrence?

Another “shocking” video from May 18 captures an attack taking place in the early morning hours when two men take turns beating a lone man in the middle of a Manhattan street, leaving him with a fractured skull. Vehicles are seen passing by without even slowing down, let alone stopping to render aid. Not that the drivers can be faulted for not wanting to initiate their own beatdown.



The unidentified 46-year-old man was standing at the corner of East Fourth Street and Second Avenue in the East Village about 3:40 a.m. when he was attacked by the two men, first one and then the other, police said.

The NYPD released video that shows the victim standing at the corner when the first assailant, wearing a white shirt, comes up behind him and grabs and drags him backward onto the ground in the crosswalk. The suspect then punches the victim in the face as he lies in the street.


The video cuts to the victim standing up again only to have the second assailant knock him to the ground. The suspect then punches the victim and stands over him for a moment before dragging him out of the lane and to the curb.

At least seven vehicles pass by during the brazen attack.

The victim was taken to Bellevue Hospital, where he is listed in critical condition with a skull fracture. Police said his injuries are so serious that he has not been able to speak to authorities about the circumstances surrounding the attack.

Both suspects, who cops say have a light complexion and are between 25 and 35 years old, fled after the attack and have not been apprehended.

Video: Brazen NYC criminals pummel, carjack 53-year-old man in Bronx neighborhood

April 28, 2022

NEW YORK, NY – A hellish scene right out of a dystopian blockbuster or just a typical night in New York City? Hard to tell. But the 53-year-old victim of a wildly brazen carjacking in the Bronx probably would call it a living nightmare.

A group of six men in a Lexus carjacked the man — but not before one of them stomped on top of his Kia minivan and another pummeled him in the face, breaking his eye socket.

The incident possibly grew from an accident into a full-blown beating and carjacking through sheer opportunity and thrill-seeking among New York’s more feral denizens.

The crew appeared to be trying to pass the victim’s Kia minivan in their Lexus SUV and wound up trapped between the minivan and an unoccupied Honda sedan.

The attack took place March 30 but the just-released video is an eye-opening look into a terrifying crime that could happen to any innocent driver.

The man, who has declined to be identified, was headed north on Exterior Street in the Concourse neighborhood about 6:40 p.m., as was the Lexus. The group in the Lexus appears to have gotten squeezed between the Kia and the Honda, which they would also later steal.

After the collision, the six men surrounded the victim’s car, according to the New York Police Department and surveillance footage. Only the driver of the Lexus, Miquiel Guerrero, 23, has been identified and arrested in connection with the incident.


While one of the men climbed on top of the minivan, Guerrero repeatedly punched the driver in the face.

At one point, the man on top of the vehicle appears to reach down and slap the victim on the head while Guerrero punches the victim several times, according to the surveillance video. The rest of the group stood close by, police said.

The victim escaped his car and was pummeled some more until he ran off, leaving his vehicle to be commandeered by the mini-mob. Once the victim ran away, two of the men got into the van and fled north on Exterior Street and three of the other men took off in the Honda sedan.

Guerrero stayed on scene with the wrecked Lexus SUV, where he was taken into custody and later charged with robbery.

The victim was taken to Jacobi Medical Center for treatment for a fractured eye socket and cuts on his face, NYPD officials said.

Police are still looking for the rest of the group, described as being between 18 and 25 years old.

The carjacking comes as New York is in the middle of a crime surge, with overall crime up 42 percent. The Rotting Apple has seen carjacking rise 68 percent and felony assaults jump 21 percent over the same time last year.

Earlier this month, NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said “this is not what New Yorkers expect or deserve, and we will not stand for it” as criminals continue to terrorize New Yorkers. Sewell added:

“It’s clear what we are confronting: A perception among criminals that there are no consequences, even for serious crime. We need tangible changes.”

NYC Mayor Eric Adams has now vowed to crack down on transit crimes, which are up more than 60 percent. The former NYPD captain said that New Yorkers can look forward to a “visible difference in policing in the next couple of weeks.”

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