Rep. Rashida Tlaib breaks her silence on Hamas ‘resistance’ attack on Israel


Ever since news of Hamas’ terrorist attack on Israel over the weekend, we’ve been wanting to hear from The Squad, for whom U.S. support for Israel is “all about the Benjamins.” Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Ayanna Pressley issued virtually identical tweets, calling for a cease-fire, now that Hamas had already killed hundreds of Israelis. Omar wanted to see an end to the “back-and-forth cycle” of violence, which always originates from one side.

We’ve especially been waiting for proud Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib to make a statement. After all, to this day she has a Palestinian flag flying outside her office:

She’s finally spoken out, and it’s not good:

Rebecca Downs reports:

On Sunday afternoon, Detroit News’ Melissa Nann Burke shared a statement from the congresswoman. 

“I grieve the Palestinian and Israeli lives lost yesterday, today, and every day. I am determined as ever to fight for a just future where everyone can live in peace, without fear and with true freedom, equal rights, and human dignity,” the statement began, which notably mentioned Palestinian loss of life first, but also behaved as if Saturday was just any other day.

“At least 700 people have died, and over 2,000 have been injured in Israel after rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel by Hamas militants, Israeli authorities said,” ABC News reported late Sunday night.

The statement only got worse from there.

“The path to that future must include lifting the blockade, ending the occupation, and dismantling the apartheid system that creates the suffocating, dehumanizing conditions that can lead to resistance,” she went on to say, using the terminology she has used many times in the past to express anti-Israel sentiments.


“Resistance.” That’s as ugly as all of the memes saying, “This is what decolonization looks like.” She can’t ever mention Israel without decrying the “apartheid system” that has Arabs and Jews living together in Israel.

With a Palestinian flag displayed outside her office, it’s pretty clear where Tlaib stands on the issue, as if her past statements haven’t made it perfectly clear.


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