Rep. Bob Good: ‘There Absolutely Will Be a Challenge to Kevin McCarthy’s Leadership Bid’


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) could not claim outright victory for Republicans on election night after all. (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

( – “I can tell you that there absolutely will be a challenge to Kevin McCarthy’s leadership bid when we have our organizational meetings next week,” Freedom Caucus member Rep. Bob Good (R-Va.) told Fox News’s Laura Ingraham Thursday night.

“And the intent on November 15, when that (meeting) is scheduled to be, will be to demonstrate that he doesn’t have near 218 votes, and then that opens it up for anyone to be considered on January 3rd.

“And I think there’s whole a lot of members of Congress who will be interested in being speaker once it’s clear that Kevin McCarthy doesn’t have the required 218 votes.”

Good said McCarthy’s “only priority” in the last two years “has seemed to be to get the majority and become speaker just for the sake of having the majority and becoming speaker.”

Good said McCarthy had two years to “audition” for the speakership, but he failed to demonstrate that he was willing to fight against the Biden-Pelosi-Schumer agenda.

“And all across the country, Republican voters continue to tell me and other members of Congress and candidates that they don’t support Kevin McCarthy because he’s not a true conservative and they want someone who will fight. There’s many examples in the past two years where he’s failed to do that,” Good said, giving the following examples:

“When I came in as a new freshman two years ago, he told our freshman class, hey, we’re going to control the floor. That the majority number is so small, with only five or six majority for the Democrats, that we’re going to control the floor, because we’re going to lead the fight, we’re going to be united in our fight.

“And over and over, he’s failed to respond to our efforts to fight as a minority when there’s no real pressure in the majority.

“He didn’t support our efforts to vacate the chair when Nancy Pelosi was at her weakest moments. He didn’t support our efforts to request recorded votes. He didn’t support our efforts to fight suspension bills. He has not supported our efforts to fight against the NDAA (Defense authorization bill) when we had the leverage to block it as Republicans because Democrats couldn’t pass it — a bad NDAA bill without Republican votes.

“On issue after issue and time after time, he has failed to support our efforts to fight — truly fight — against an oppressive Democrat majority.”

Ingraham asked Good about the motion to vacate: “How big of a sticking point is that for your caucus?” (The motion to vacate allows a single House member to force a vote on the speakership at any given time.)

“Yeah, we gave him a rules package,” Good said.

“We asked him two months ago to change the rules of Congress when we get the majority and to change the Republican rules of Congress to empower regular members, one of those being able to vacate the chair.

“A secure, confident leader understands that he or she has the trust and the support of those they purport to lead, and they’re not threatened by that. That was a rule that was in place in the 115th Congress ’til Nancy Pelosi changed it.

“But we want other changes. Amendments from the floor if 10 percent of Republicans support it. A majority of the majority rule where he can’t pass legislation that a majority of Republicans don’t support. That we get to elect our own chairman of our respective committees. That we have the Holman rule which would allow to us defund certain agencies or departments or even salaries of individuals that are violating the oath of their office.

“There’s rules that we want to change to empower regular members instead of having the control with a few elites at the top, like we have in the Democrat majority. We shouldn’t have that under Republican majority, either.”

Earlier on Thursday night, Fox News’s Jesse Waters asked McCarthy if he was concerned about the “right flank,” a reference to the Freedom Caucus that intends to deny McCarthy the votes he needs to be House speaker.

“I’m not concerned,” McCarthy said.

“Think about this. Since I have been leader for the last four years we’ve only gained seats. It’s the goal of winning the majority. We won the majority. I think I accomplished the goal that we wanted to. People can have input. We want to have a very open input process. We’re going to have a smaller majority. So we’re going to find that we work together. But think about what else we did.

“Not only did we win the majority, we beat the DCCC chair. That has not happened in 42 years. We won seats that Biden won by 14. We won in New York, in Oregon, in California, in Texas, we won across this nation,” McCarthy said.

As Good spoke, the vote counting continued in laggard states, and Republican control of the House was not yet assured.

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