Reneé Rapp Recalls “Jarring” Incident With Man at Drew Barrymore Event – JP


The incident occurred after an audience member called out Drew’s name, to which she paused her sentence and replied, “Oh my god, yes, hi!” 

However, moments later, the Charlie’s Angeles was once again interrupted when the attendee approached the stage and recited his full name. 

“You know who I am,” he continued, as Reneé stood up and began to escort Drew away from the situation while security stepped in to block the man. “I need to see you at some point while you’re in New York.” 

Another audience member—who was in attendance when the situation arose—has since shared her experience with E! News.

Journalist McKenzie Morrell explained, “The audience was pretty distraught as we weren’t sure what had happened and what this man’s intentions were.” 

But once the man was escorted out, the ladies got right back to it. 

“Within a few minutes of his removal, both Reneé and Drew returned to the stage, greeting us warmly despite the jarring incident,” Mackenzie recalled. “They picked right up where they left off and continued to have an in-depth (and often hilarious) conversation about life, the industry and Reneé’s new music.”

Two days later, the man was detained but not arrested outside Drew’s Southampton home in New York. Police are investigating the incident.



Las Vegas News Magazine

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