Rebel News wins lawsuit against Trudeau minister who blocked Ezra Levant on Twitter


On Tuesday, Ezra Levant announced that Rebel News had won its lawsuit against Steven Guilbeault after Judge Justin Zinn ruled that the Trudeau Liberals’ environment minister had acted illegally by blocking him on Twitter, now known as X.

Guilbeault has been ordered to unblock Levant’s account and pay $20,000.

Rebel News just crushed Steven Guilbeault in the Federal Court of Canada,” Levant said on X. “In doing so, we struck a blow for freedom of speech and freedom of the press for everyone.”

“We’re one of the few media companies that doesn’t take government money, so we don’t toe the government line,” he added. “The Liberals always look for ways to punish us.”

Levant accused both Trudeau and Guilbeault of not caring about freedom of the press, pointing out that “they both admire China’s dictatorship and they think they can act like little dictators themselves, by censoring us.”

Two years ago, Guilbeault’s official government account blocked Levant, thereby effectively making it impossible for the Rebel News founder to engage with a member of parliament. Levant argued that the minister’s action violated the law, and took him to court.

“At any time while Minister Guilbeault is a Member of Parliament, Minister Guilbeault shall not cause or permit anyone acting on his behalf to cause the account @s_guilbeault on Twitter to block … @ezralevant.”

Levant slammed the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, Canadian Journalists for Free Expression, and the Canadian Association of Journalists for failing to support him in his fight, accusing the civil liberties organizations of having been “colonized by Trudeau.”

“In some ways, today’s victory is a small thing,” he said. “But having the Federal Court smack down government censorship is never a small thing, and it sets a precedent for all other bullies in Trudeau’s government, reminding them that they cannot use public resources to carry out a vendetta against their political critics.”

Guilbeault has not publicly commented on the verdict.

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