Razer Launches Its First In-Ear Monitor for Gamers and Streamers


Most performers, including musicians and TV personalities, rely on in-ear monitors (IEMs) for auditory feedback while performing. But livestreamers seem to prefer bulky headsets. This may change as Razer launches the Moray, its first in-ear monitor.
IEMs are small and discreet “earbuds” that deliver crystal-clear audio with a ton of passive noise isolation (which may provide hearing protection in some contexts). You can use IEMs to enjoy music or podcasts, but really, they’re more of a professional tool. They certainly look more professional than headphones, earbuds, or gamer headsets.
Razer’s Moray IEM is fairly straightforward. It uses a dual-driver design, which combines a balanced armature (for crisp treble) with a dynamic driver (for deep bass). THX certification provides cinematic audio while gaming or watching movies, and with -36dB of passive noise isolation, the Moray won’t have any trouble blocking out distractions.
Of course, the Razer Moray is wired, and it doesn’t have a built-in microphone. Livestreamers who are accustomed to all-in-one headsets will need to pair Moray with some kind of monitoring system, such as an audio interface or a USB microphone with live headphone monitoring.

My assumption, which may be incorrect, is that Razer Moray will open the floodgate for gamer-focused IEMs. This is the kind of thing that will benefit livestreamers, especially those in the gaming space, who tend to stick with products from gaming brands (due to trends, sponsorships, etc).
But Razer Moray costs $130, and it’s entering a space that’s already occupied by several audio brands. There are plenty of great IEMs at this price, including the Mackie MP, Shure SE215, and Audio Technica ATH-E40. I suggest waiting for reviews before you buy the Razer Moray.

Source: Razer

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