Ray Epps: Tucker Carlson Is ‘Obsessed With Me,’ GOP Lawmakers Had Bigger ‘Impact’ On Riot Than Me | JP


Ray Epps, the man accused by many of being involved with federal law enforcement during the January 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol, said over the weekend that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was “obsessed” with him and trying to ruin his life.

Epps made the remarks in an interview that aired Sunday night on CBS News’ “60 Minutes.”

“Brings back some bad memories,” Epps said when asked what he thinks when he looks at video of the riot. “It’s hard to see our Capitol under attack.”

The show then highlighted how conservative media and Republican lawmakers have called into question Epps’ role in the riot.

“He’s obsessed with me,” Epps said of Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “He’s going to any means possible to destroy my life and our lives.”

When asked why Carlson was focusing on him, Epps claimed that it was because Carlson was trying “to shift blame on somebody else.”

“If you look at it, Fox News, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ted Cruz, Gaetz, they’re all tellin’ us before this thing that it was stolen,” he continued. “So you tell me, who has more impact on people, them or me?”

During the interview, Epps claimed that his actions on January 6 were not directed by anyone from the federal government, including the FBI.

Epps addressed a text message that he sent to his nephew immediately after the riot in which he claimed that he “orchestrated it.”

“I was boasting to my nephew. I helped get people there. I was directing people to the Capitol that morning,” Epps said. “I know exactly how it sounds. I’ve been scolded by my wife for using that word. I shouldn’t have used that word.”


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