Rashida Tlaib Doubles Down, Spits in Our Eye and Tells Us It’s Raining: Nobody Likes That


Earlier today we wrote about a ham fisted propaganda video that Michigan Representative Rashida Tlaib put out claiming that a majority of Americans are demanding a cease fire in Israel, despite polls showing that a clear majority of the American public is standing firm with Israel. As noted in the piece many commenters zoomed in one particular clip from her attempt at narrative framing, a video of a crowd apparently in Michigan chanting ‘From the River to the Sea!’ 

It seems Tlaib noticed that this was a bad look for her, so she was spurred to further comment on the issue… which doesn’t seem to have done much to make her seem less like a gaslighting liar.

As it happens 3 minutes before Tlaib tweeted this one of her fellow Democratic legislators had tweeted out an excellent explanation of why this argument is a terrible one that makes no sense. Take it away, Senator Sinema!

We don’t know if Tlaib had seen Senator Sinema’s tweet and that’s what led to her absurd post or if it was spurred by people piling into her replies to point out that there was a well-recognized call to Israeli genocide in her video, but either way something a bee in her bonnet and she felt compelled to respond. Respond terribly, but respond nonetheless.


Apparently Tlaib doesn’t think anyone has higher order reasoning capability? Who knows.

See how that works? This is called a ‘Motte and Bailey’ and it’s a trick the left loves to use. Look it up, once you know what it is you’ll see it in everything they do.

A point many have been making lately, that the left is sure interested in the nuance of all of these symbols and statements all of a sudden. Not too long ago just a hint that maybe there was a ‘dog-whistle’ in your statement was grounds for cancellation, now we’re expected to agonize over the Talmudic meaning being ideas and sentiments that are well established in meaning.

Somehow they never have a satisfying explanation to this question.

As of this writing Tlaib had earned a natural ratio on her post (more replies than likes) on her post, and it’s a well-deserved one at that. In closing let’s sum up with what is likely on all of our minds:

Last week would have been the perfect time to expel Tlaib, yesterday would have been good, but today will do.


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