Rand Paul Speaks Truth To Power … Ukraine Is A Corruptocracy – JP


I would add to what Rand says that we need to protect our own border. The situation at our Southern border reeks Uniparty corruption just as much as funding the corruptocracy called Ukraine. The GOP wants an open-border because the donor-class wants cheap labor. The Democrats want an open-border because they want votes (Democrats are as happy to have … indeed probably prefer … illegal votes to legal votes) and to “transform” America. As a result, a population the size of Kentucky has crossed illegally into the United States. They’re not coming here because they want to be Americans. They’re radically different from legal immigrants (generally).

They’re coming here not to assimilate but to continue being Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Cameroonians, Ethiopians, etc., etc. etc.. … while taking advantage of all the “free stuff” the Biden-Regime is providing to juice illegal immigration. The Woke-Left sees everything through the prism of woke. They practice the latest iteration of Socialism … Socialism based on woke, as opposed to class (Marx) or race (Hitler). To the race-obsessed Woke-Left, an America that is less White is a better America.

Convince a majority that they are part of some “marginalized,” “discriminated against,” etc., etc. etc. group and that their only hope of ending the discrimination, hate, marginalization, etc., etc., etc., is to give Democrats political power … eventually permanent political power. It’s evil and un-American. And yet the GOP is willing to look the other way because their donor-class can profit off of America’s “transformation.”


Las Vegas News Magazine

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