Pro-lifer completely DISMANTLES New York Times reporter for promoting deceptive abortion article


Color us COMPLETELY unsurprised that a reporter with the New York Times would promote something incredibly misleading! Who needs pesky little things like accuracy and truth anyway?

Sounds alarming, right? Alas, fear-mongering propaganda is easy to see through. If you are willing to look, that is. The problem is that most of the NYT’s base is not willing to look beneath the surface.

Here is where things get interesting, the source in the story is a Planned Parenthood employee and an advocate for elective abortions. Is it any wonder she’s going to gripe about the new abortion restrictions in her state? 


Well, isn’t THAT interesting? It also cannot be overstated that necessary medical care to preserve the life and health of the mother is not illegal in ANY state, only induced elective abortion is being restricted.

You mean to tell us that smaller maternity units and hospitals are closing for reasons UNRELATED to new abortion laws? GASP! We can’t imagine why these reporters and their sources would keep that information out of their articles…

Shame on this newly hired doctor for not rigidly adhering to the culture of on-demand abortion!

Nailed it. And the left wonders why there is a major lack of trust in the mainstream media.



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