Pro-Biden PAC Enlists Hollywood Writers In Desperate Bid To Win Back Younger Voters


A group of pro-Biden financiers are bringing in Hollywood writers to work on a SuperPAC aimed at reversing Biden’s steep decline with younger voters, a demographic that proved key to his victory in 2020.

The group, Won’t PAC Down, intends to raise between $20-25 million in support of the effort, according to a report from Politico. The group is turning to Millennial and Generation Z Hollywood writers and directors in order to tailor ads to younger voters.

“Won’t PAC Down has hired millennial and Gen Z writers, directors and producers to help craft pro-Biden content that’s specifically engineered to sell an octogenarian candidate to typically disillusioned and hard-to-reach voters under 30,” Politico reported.

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The PAC is bringing in writers with credits on shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and “Parks And Recreation,” among other hit shows. Meetings have been ongoing over the last month in a downtown Los Angeles conference building, the outlet reported.

Contributors have reportedly been working on ads that will exclusively play on short-form video platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram’s “Reels” feature, in addition to streaming services. The group’s first complete ads are expected to start rolling in late July.

Won’t PAC Down organizers are hoping that Millennial and Gen-Z writers will be effective at reaching “nonpolitical voters under 30.”

“And for that reason, the group plans to avoid the crutch that other politics-meets-Hollywood ventures have deployed: splashy celebrity videos meant to go viral online,” Politico reported.

“There’s a big difference between putting a celebrity on camera and having them say, ‘if you liked me in “Madame Web,” then you’re going to love voting,’ versus what we’re doing,” said Travis Helwig, a former head writer for Crooked Media who is now leading the PAC’s writing efforts. “We’re taking the best young writers and directors, who are the age and demographics of the people we’re targeting, using poll-tested messaging, and shaping it in a way that will resonate with young people and get them excited.”

The desperate move comes as the Biden Campaign continues to lose support from younger voters.

In 2020, President Biden carried voters under 30 by 20 percentage points. His support among the key demographic has declined rapidly, however, as a new NPR/Marist poll found the president leading Trump by just four points among Gen Z voters.

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