Prince Harry Receives Apology From Tabloid Publisher Amid Hacking Trial – JP


Prince Harry has received an apology from Mirror Group Newspapers.

MGN, which owns publications including Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, and Daily Express, shared a statement admitting wrongdoing to the Duke of Sussex for a single instance of unlawfully gathering information amid his suit against the tabloid publisher. 

“MGN unreservedly apologises for all such instances of UIG,” the British publisher’s statement—written in a court filing at the start of the trial May 10—read, according to the BBC, “and assures the claimants that such conduct will never be repeated.”

The publisher added that the violation in question, which is not part the Spare author’s lawsuit against MGN, “warrants compensation.”

The court statement stemmed from a Feb. 2004 incident in which a private investigator was instructed by a journalist at The People, another newspaper owned by MGN, to unlawfully gather information on Harry’s activities at the Chinawhite nightclub in London, per the BBC.

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