President Biden Glosses Over His Betrayal of America’s Troops at Arlington in Memorial Day Speech


In a solemn ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, President Biden delivered a heartfelt speech on Memorial Day, paying tribute to fallen heroes and emphasizing the importance of upholding the values they fought for. Standing among the marble gravestones, the President reflected on the words spoken 155 years ago by General James Garfield, who marked the nation’s first Memorial Day at the same location.

“What brought these men here?  What high motive led them to…welcome death?” Biden said, quoting Garfield. He answered his own question, “Our nation’s life.”

The president, controversially, touted the nation’s legacy of freedom in the world, despite taking numerous actions that critics argue infringed on Americans rights and diminished liberty.

“[I’ve] always held faith in our country and all we could be. A citadel of liberty, a beacon of freedom,” he said.

Biden’s administration controversially enforced a Covid-19 vaccine mandate for U.S. servicemembers, despite no evidence they stop the spread and young healthy adults being at virtually zero statistical risk.

Since Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin officially rescinded the order that all troops be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 on Jan. 10, lawmakers, attorneys and activists have begun plans to ensure those discharged or awaiting separation have their records expunged and are given the opportunity for reenlistment at their prior level of service.

However, many servicemembers who feel DOD violated their freedom of conscience and set them permanently behind in their careers may choose not to reenlist and have lost trust in military leadership.

“I feel massively betrayed by my chain of command throughout this whole ordeal, and I know that many others feel the same way,” Maj. Aaron Elliott, an active duty Air Force reservist who was in the process of obtaining a religious exemption when DOD overturned the mandate, told the DCNF. Commanders “should have been providing protection to service members who were under their care, who they were in charge of, and in many cases that didn’t happen,” he added.

DOD let go roughly 8,400 servicemembers for refusing the mandate, while thousands more waited in limbo as exemption requests were pending approval.

“From my perspective and interaction, morale is low and many want nothing to do with the military because they have lost trust,” R. Davis Younts, an attorney representing several military members seeking religious exemptions, added.

Congress’ National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) ordering the Pentagon to scrap the mandate did not include requirements for reinstatement, but GOP politicians have called for allowing servicemembers who were discharged to reenlist with back pay.

“If the Pentagon does not reinstate those who were discharged and restore their full benefits we in Congress must act by adding language in the next NDAA to do so. We have an obligation to these service members,” said Florida Republican Rep. Mike Waltz, who sits on the House Armed Services Committee.

The President on Memorial Day continued to address the audience, including Vice President Harris, Second Gentleman Emhoff, and various secretaries and military officials, expressing gratitude and reverence for veterans, servicemen and women, and their survivors. He emphasized that Memorial Day is a time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, acknowledging the pain and grief experienced by Gold Star families and those who have lost loved ones in service.

Drawing from his own personal experience of losing his son, Beau, the President spoke of the profound impact that service members have had on the nation.

“Tomorrow marks eight years since we lost our son, Beau,” he added. “Our losses are not the same.  He didn’t perish in the battlefield.  It was cancer that stole him from us a year after being deployed as a major in the United States Army National Guard in Iraq.”

Biden also highlighted the duty and devotion displayed by those who fought throughout history, emphasizing their unwavering faith in the American people and their hope that the country would remain worthy of their sacrifice.

President Biden praised the enduring strength of the United States and the obligation to support and care for service members and their families. He highlighted the bipartisan efforts to pass laws benefiting veterans and mentioned the PACT Act, a significant law aimed at assisting veterans exposed to toxic substances during their military service.

However, Biden’s track record belies the president’s words and expose him as a Commander-in-Chief who has betrayed the troops, compromised the military with ‘woke’ politics that convolute their mission, and risk getting the U.S. immersed in a world war by carrying out proxy wars overseas without congressional authorization.

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