Politifact REALLY REALLY Doesn't Want You to Know That ONE 'Palestinian Guy' is Totally a Crisis Actor


We knew Politifact sucked, but to defend crisis actors who are working to make Israel out to be the villain AFTER Hamas attacked them and THEN broke another temporary ceasefire? Guys. It’s ok not to go along with the Left, ESPECIALLY when they’re batsh*t insane and supporting eff’ing terrorists.

This. Isn’t. Hard.

A normal, rational, fact-based fact check site wouldn’t defend an obvious crisis actor.


Anything to dunk on the Right, right?

What a joke.

From Politifact:

A Palestinian social media influencer with a wide audience has been posting videos about the war in Gaza, including of the Israeli military’s raid of al-Shifa hospital. Saleh Aljafarawi has tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube; he is not a journalist, but TV channels including MSNBC, the BBC and Al Jazeera have aired some of his footage from the conflict, and Al Jazeera labeled him a “journalist” in its clip.

Social media influencer.


The images try to show Aljafarawi in different roles, such as a “freedom fighter,” “blood donor” and “war correspondent.” But several of the photos do not show him at all, and others were taken from his social media accounts out of context.

Out of context.





This. ^

But but but … CONTEXT!

Ringy ding ding ding.

He likely just summed up EXACTLY what Politifact does for a fact-check.

Totally NOT a crisis actor. *eye roll*

They’d have to be able to feel shame to hang their head in shame and CLEARLY, they have zero shame.



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