Police-owned ‘Fund the First’ has raised over $5 million for first responders in need – let’s help them help others


Note from LET Executive Director Kyle Reyes: Law Enforcement Today does not have a fiscal relationship with Fund The First – but we are proud to endorse them and stand behind them as the ONLY crowdfunding website that we believe in.

They vet out fundraisers to ensure that the funds really go to first responders and their families, helping weed out the countless scams that are run on other crowdfunding platforms.  They also don’t take a percentage of the funds raised, making them truly unique.

Nationwide: You may or may not recall the launch of a new crowdfunding platform a couple of years ago called Fund the First (FTF).

Well, they are still around AND they have blown up since their initial fundraising campaign years ago. They have raised well over 5 million dollars for nearly 500 fundraising campaigns.

The Beginning of FTF

Fund the First was designed and led by an NYPD Detective Robert Garland. He was inspired to start the crowdfunding platform after his friend and co-worker’s daughter was born with a rare disease and the family needed help. Garland wanted to step up and help and that’s when the Fund the First idea was born.

He then put together an incredible team and Fund the First is now the leading crowdfunding website for law enforcement, first responders, and the military.

In fact, they also added medical professionals and teachers because they sacrifice so much and also contribute greatly to our communities.


FTF not only serves such a wonderful community, but they take it a critical step further that sets them apart from GoFundMe, which many people heard of.

Unlike GoFundMe, FTF verifies each and every campaign to ensure that it is legitimate and that whatever money raised goes to the intended recipient.

A GoFundMe Scam

You may recall the story of a young Philadelphia couple who ‘were stranded on the highway’ because they ran out of gas. While on the side of the road, a homeless man approached them and gave them his last $20 for gas.

The couple later started a GoFundMe campaign to help the homeless man because he displayed such a big heart by helping them. According to their GoFundMe campaign, they wanted to help the homeless man get off the streets.

Well, that campaign raised over $400,000 – all of which was meant for the homeless man. However, the homeless man and the couple were all in on it and the whole thing was staged.

Police-owned 'Fund the First' has raised over  million for first responders in need - let's help them help others
Pictured here are the three people involved in the GoFundMe scam. Image courtesy of the Burlington Prosecutor’s office.

Once the scandal broke open, they were all eventually criminally charged.

The couple was sentenced to prison and the homeless man was given probation.

Fund the First prevents all this. They have a comprehensive verification process, which includes ID.me technology, to ensure everything goes smoothly and properly.

Police-owned 'Fund the First' has raised over  million for first responders in need - let's help them help others

The Rise of Fund the First

And because of their diligent efforts, FTF is a leading platform for the law enforcement, military, and first responder community. Their commitment to serve those who serve has led to enormous fundraising campaigns.

Once such case involved the Bristol Police Department. A few weeks ago, three officers responded to a domestic violence call. They were informed that two brothers were in some type of dispute with one another.

When they arrived at the residence, they were confronted by a man armed with a rifle who immediately began firing at them. The ambush led to one officer being immediately killed, another later died at the hospital, and the third officer was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery. He survived and is still recovering to this day.

Police-owned 'Fund the First' has raised over  million for first responders in need - let's help them help others
The FTF campaign for the Bristol PD officers is still open.

The suspect was killed in the gunfire exchange.

A FTF campaign was started for the Bristol Police Department officers- Sgt. DeMonte, Officer Hamzy who were killed in the line of duty.

The fundraising campaign has already raised nearly $600,000.

Part of the reason for the success of the campaign is that the donors know it is an honorable platform that is focused on serving those who serve.

This can be verified with the countless reviews left on the FTF website. Here are just a couple of reviews about FTF.

Chaplain Matthew Miller wrote:

“Fund the first is one of the best crowdfunding platforms I’ve ever seen! I’ve tried the others and don’t trust them anymore and they’re more expensive as well. I suggest you take a serious look what’s on fundthefirst.com to raise funds and perhaps raise your net worth.”

Police-owned 'Fund the First' has raised over  million for first responders in need - let's help them help others
Another review from the FTF website.

And Ashley Dobrie wrote:

“Fund the First is a great! I reached out to them with some questions I had about starting a fundraiser for my Niece who is sick and the CEO Robert Garland got back to me so quickly! He is very helpful and helps you if you need step by step! The process and fundraising part is very secure! If you’re thinking about using them to do a fundraiser I would 100 percent! Great company !!!”

Fund the First has come a long way from its first campaign to where it is now. They have committed to their system of verifying every campaign to ensure its legitimacy and to give donors the confidence that their money is in the right hands.

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Police-owned 'Fund the First' has raised over  million for first responders in need - let's help them help others

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