Pelosi Stuffs Her Face When Asked About Biden Classified Doc Scandal


This week, Joe Biden has been in hot water when news came to light that he has been keeping documents in a Washington D.C. office despite them containing highly classified information. What makes matters worse is that the White House had known about this for several months but they decided to keep their mouths shut before the midterms.

When his fellow Democrats were asked about the scandal, they all either supported him, ignored the question, or they simply stuffed their face with food, like Nancy Pelosi did.

As she was walking out of her office, Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn asked Pelosi what she thought about the Biden scandal and she simply held up a piece of food as she furiously chomped on what was already in her mouth. Then, instead of finishing and answering the question, she simply just walked away.

Watch the cringe moment below:

“So Tucker, some lawmakers were unbothered, some were backing Biden and some were just caught mid-bite, too busy to give us a soundbite,” Vaughn told Tucker.

“Hillary Vaughn that was such a great report I can barely stand it, you made my night, thank you”, Tucker said humorously at the end of the segment.

And although Democrat lawmakers seemingly have nothing to say about the matter, millions of people on Twitter are wondering why BIDEN hasn’t been raided like Trump was:

Las Vegas News Magazine

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