PBS Gets Defunded Over Drag Queen Story Hour by Oklahoma Governor


Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has made a courageous decision to defund the state’s PBS station, sending a clear message that he will not tolerate the indoctrination and over-sexualization of our children through LGBTQ content.

By vetoing a bill that would have extended funding for the Oklahoma Educational Television Authority (OETA) until 2026, Governor Stitt has boldly asserted that this publicly funded station no longer aligns with the core values of Oklahoma.

Governor Stitt has specifically called out OETA for its broadcasting of shows like “Sesame Street” and “Clifford the Big Red Dog,” which have shamelessly introduced LGBTQ themes and characters in recent years.

Additionally, he expressed his concerns about a segment titled “Let’s Learn,” where a drag queen named Lil Miss Hot Mess read a book called “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.” Stitt rightly argues that these programs do not serve an educational purpose and should not be allowed on public television.

Furthermore, the governor believes that taxpayer dollars allocated to fund OETA could be put to far better use elsewhere. If these programs were genuinely popular, Governor Stitt points out that major networks such as CBS, NBC, or ABC would be more than willing to pick them up. Nevertheless, critics of the governor’s decision have accused him of attacking public education and marginalized communities in Oklahoma, attempting to divert attention from the real issue at hand.

In a society where the media incessantly pushes its own agenda, it is refreshing to see Governor Stitt take a bold stance against the indoctrination of our children. By defunding the state’s PBS station, he is championing traditional values and putting an end to the inappropriate sexualization of our youth. Taxpayers should not be forced to support a media outlet that promotes ideologies that contradict their own beliefs.

Governor Stitt is standing up for the people of Oklahoma and ensuring that their hard-earned money is used more effectively elsewhere. Why should taxpayers continue to fund an outdated system when popular programs can easily find a home on other networks?

The criticism surrounding this decision merely underscores the left’s relentless pursuit of imposing its progressive agenda on the entire nation. Instead of acknowledging Governor Stitt’s efforts to protect Oklahoma values and redirect taxpayer dollars to essential services, critics unjustly attack him for their own political gain.

The decision to defund the statewide PBS station is a resolute statement against the indoctrination of our children and the misuse of public funds.

Governor Stitt’s bold move serves as an inspiration for conservative leaders across the country to take a stand against the encroachment of liberal ideologies in our communities. It is high time that common sense prevails, and taxpayers have a say in where their hard-earned money is allocated.

The people of Oklahoma, as well as all Americans, deserve better than to be subjected to the relentless agenda of the left. Governor Stitt is fearlessly fighting for the values that have made this country great, and it is incumbent upon us to support leaders who prioritize the well-being of our children over the promotion of divisive and destructive ideologies.

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