Paul Ryan, GOP Establishment Plot to Supplant Trump With Youngkin, DeSantis in 2024


The GOP Establishment is plotting to supplant 45th President Donald J. Trump on the party’s 2024 ticket with Glenn Youngkin, Ron DeSantis, or even Tim Scott, says Paul Ryan, who left Washington after being overpowered by the America First wing of the GOP.

Ex-GOP Speaker of the House and failed Romney running mate Paul Ryan told a “closed conference” of corporate heads this week that the party’s 2024 presidential nominee will be “someone other than Donald Trump.”

“I think Trump’s un-electability will be palpable by then,” Ryan said at the corporate conference, predicting that the GOP establishment will push Trump aside when the time is right.

“There’s a handful of people that are going to run because it’s the only cycle they can run in. They can’t wait until 2028,” Ryan said.

“Whether he runs or not, I don’t really know if it matters,” he said of President Trump. “He’s not going to be the nominee.”

Though he’s left Washington, Ryan is still a leading establishment figure and maintains close ties to GOP insiders and elected officials.

He was photographed at the inauguration of Glenn Youngkin as Governor of Virginia with senior Ted Cruz advisor Jeff Roe.

Ryan says that Youngkin is one of his top picks for President in 2024.

Along with Glenn Youngkin, anti-Trump pollster and Kevin McCarthy landlord Frank Luntz, who was recently in Britain lobbying for war with Russia, says that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and South Carolina Senator Tim Scott are Ryan’s top presidential picks.

While Ron DeSantis has been floated by the Fox News crowd as the GOP’s pick for 2024, and Tim Scott has given speeches to small crowds in Iowa, many within the uni-party establishment have called for Glenn Youngkin to run for President as a Trump “alternative” in 2024.

The Governor and his office have refused to give a straight answer about his 2024 ambitions to the press, including to National File.

But according to recent polling data, President Trump blows Glenn Youngkin out in 2024, including in his home state of Virginia.

In a post to Truth Social blasting Youngkin’s 2024 prospects and attaching the poll’s blow-out results, President Trump wrote that he “helped him get elected – Big time…the people know!”

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At the closed corporate conference, Paul Ryan reportedly advised a group of CEO’s to lay low on their pushing of woke corporate ESG policies for a while, to avoid a backlash from conservatives.

Short for “Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance,” ESG policies have been described as a far-left takeover of the business world.

Before he was elected Governor of Virginia with Ryan’s backing, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin boasted to the World Economic Forum at Davos that he was leading the charge on implementing ESG policies at the Carlyle Group, where he was then a co-CEO.

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