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By Diana Rivera Lopez & Barbara Casanova

The leading voice for Hispanic Republicans for decades has been the Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA) and they are making every effort to guarantee that ALL Hispanics are represented as our nation faces intricate challenges, geopolitical tensions persist, and a heated election season. Navigating these challenges requires a concerted effort to promote dialogue, action, and planning to better equip the RNHA, not only to be influential, but to be part of the strategies for a sure win in 2024. 

In preparation, the RNHA Board and chapter leaders met in DC to organize and strategize this in April. As our reach broadens, we want to end with a boom, having accomplished our goals and efforts and developed a stronger work ethic for our organization. We were inspired and challenged to leave a mark in these elections and vowed to continue to support those candidates who are like-minded as we see the big picture for all of us.

As a nation grappling with political and social divisions, conservatives often find themselves under intense scrutiny. In this context, the RNHA is committed to building relationships that will strengthen and develop our communities, cities, and nation as a whole. One of our key strategies is to educate others on the practical application of our ideals and principles, offering viable solutions to the myriad issues we face. 

The present Chairwoman, Elisa Slider, made headways in her outlook of the organization and shared her understanding of how the RNHA is rebuilding and rebranding itself to a collective well-being within our society. Focused on expanding and showcasing our strengths while safeguarding the movement to prevail against our challenges. It was also discussed that we are connecting to other organizations, causes, movements, businesses, and stronger relationships within our government and leaders by building relationships. 

The RNHA was founded in 1967 when 15 Hispanics started the Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Washington, D.C. Today, we reminisced as we counted the different chapters across America and how we have been an example of leadership. We are a diverse representation of Latinos and other Ethnic groups that believe in our impactful and tactical methods. We were inspired and challenged to leave a mark in these elections and vowed to continue supporting like-minded candidates.

The RNHA aims to attract new members and form new chapters across our nation and make history. The RNHA is a force to be watched and followed.

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