PA School District Shells Out $68,000 On Diversity Investigation, Internal Reports Show District Went $428,000 Over Budget – JP


A Pennsylvania school district shelled out more than $68,000 on a no-bid contract to conduct a “race-based discrimination [and] harassment investigation.”

In February, Upper Adams School District in Biglerville, Pennsylvania, announced that it used the Philadelphia-based law firm, Fox Rothschild, to conduct an “independent, unbiased assessment of the District’s policies, procedures, and response to alleged acts of racism and/or ethnic discrimination recently shared by students and alumni of Biglerville High School on social media.”

According to invoices acquired via public records request filed by Parents Defending Education (PDE), a grassroots parents organization, the district spent $68,231.50 on the investigation over three months. The district paid in three installments. The first invoice was for $30,840.50, the second for $21,503, and the third for $15,888.

PDE requested that the district share copies of bids and proposals received from other organizations and consulting firms. The district said no, “as no other records exist.”

It appears that the district spent the money on the race-based investigation despite being strapped for cash. A June 30 financial projections analysis indicates that the school district went $428,000 over budget.- READ MORE

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