OUTRAGE REPORT: Biden ‘Kicks, Punches’ His Dogs


If there’s one thing most Americans not named Michael Vick can agree on, it’s not to abuse dogs. But somebody needs to tell that to Presidentish Joe Biden, whose approval rating was already in the toilet even before today’s Judicial Watch revelation.

The conservative watchdog — no pun intended — has filed a Freedom of Information Act suit against the Secret Service regarding reports of multiple bite attacks by the First Dog, Commander.

The dog reportedly has been removed from the White House after its most recent attack on a Secret Service agent and other White House staff. According to a Judicial Watch source, President Biden has mistreated his dogs. Judicial Watch has learned he has punched and kicked his dogs.

This is where I must pause and collect myself before writing any further.

I’m a dog person. My wife is so much of a dog person that the first big test of our budding relationship was when she looked me square in the eye and asked if I was a dog person. I should add that this was maybe 40 minutes into our first date. Two decades later, our two sons are dog people and dote on all three of our dogs, all the time.

Back in the day when dog food had to be cooked at home, my dad — then 10-year-old Steve Sr. — refused to serve his Boxer, Chris, any food that Dad hadn’t first tasted himself. I didn’t believe Dad when he told me that story many years ago, but my grandfather (also a dog person) confirmed it.

So it’s with outrage and trembling hands that I’m writing this report.

Biden has now had two different German Shepherds, Commander and Major, who have repeatedly bitten Secret Service agents and other White House staff. That much is an established fact. There’s a pattern here, and that almost always reflects on the owner, not on the dogs.

But the question remains whether Biden kicks and punches his dogs, as the suit alleges.

Last week, I came across a brief Twitter video that alleged to show Biden kicking Commander, but since it was impossible to tell if POTUS was just nudging his dog or whether the video was faked, I didn’t share it. With today’s news, here’s the clip so you can judge for yourself.

At the time, I thought the video might be real. That’s because I’m inclined to believe that a guy who humiliates his constituents in public, as Biden has done his entire career, is likely to abuse his dogs in private. That he’s had at least two dogs with behavior problems is yet more evidence of possible abuse.

Or, and this is the most generous interpretation, maybe Biden merely neglects his dogs.

German Shepherds are high-energy working dogs. They require a lot of training, a lot of socialization, a lot of attention, and a lot of work to do (even if it’s nothing more serious than fetch) to run off their working dog energy.

If there’s yet no direct evidence of abuse, there’s also zero direct evidence that Biden cares for his German Shepherds with the love and playtime they require. Abused or neglected, dogs treated either way will act out.

Biden’s surviving adult children both show evidence of emotional abuse or neglect, and one of them even wrote about it extensively in her now-public diary.

I’ll leave it to others to conjecture over whether this latest White House story means that the Dems are eager to be rid of Biden and are easing him not-so-gently out the door, or perhaps if Biden’s dementia causes him to act out against his dogs. At this moment, all I can care about is the shallowness and callowness of a two-bit schemer who has abused or neglected his public trophy dogs to the point where two sweet animals are dangerous to those around them.

Please, someone, find Commander and Major good homes. And, while you’re at it, find a real dumpster of an old folks home to stick Joe in.

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