Was the Covid-19 pandemic deliberately engineered for biowarfare, with depopulation as its ultimate goal? In this episode of the Daily Report, JP’s Dennis Behreandt, Steve Bonta, and Gary Benoit, discuss the magazine’s new Special Report that puts Covid in the context of the broader war against humanity. The contents include an exclusive interview on the Covid Cartel by Senator Ron Johnson, as well as articles on fifth-generation warfare by Drs. Jill Glasspool Malone and Robert Malone, vaccines and mortality by Dr. Peter McCullough, the fusion of pharma and state by Mary Holland, the glyphosate problem by Dr. Stephani Seneff, and the war on fertility by Dr. Kimberly Bliss. Scary stuff? Yes! But the war against humanity can be exposed and thwarted. You’ll not want to miss this episode, which hits on some of the highlights of this Special Report.


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