Our nation’s soul put to the test: We must fight the liberal agenda


On April 12, 1861, in my home state of South Carolina, the first shots of the Civil War were fired.

Our country faced a defining moment — would we truly be one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all? America’s soul was put to the test, and we prevailed.

Today our country is once again being tested. Our divisions run deep, and the threat to our future is real.

President Biden and the radical left have chosen a culture of grievance over greatness.

They’ve chosen fear over faith. They’re promoting victimhood instead of personal responsibility, and they’re indoctrinating our children to believe we live in an evil country.

Knowing they’re unable to defend their record, when they are called out for their failures, they weaponize race to divide us and hold onto their power. When I fight back against their liberal agenda, for example, they call me a prop — a token. Why? I disrupt their narrative. I threaten their control. The truth of my life disproves their lies. 

I was raised by a single mother mired in poverty. The spoons in our apartment were plastic, not silver, but we had faith. We put in the work, and we had an unwavering belief that we, too, could live the American dream.

I know America is the land of opportunity, not a land of oppression. I know this because I’ve lived it. That’s why it pains my soul to see the Biden liberals attacking every rung of the ladder that helped me climb.

We cannot let China, led by President Xi Jinping, breach our sovereign borders, according Scott.

Trapping families

If the radical left gets its way, millions more families will be trapped in failing schools, crime-ridden neighborhoods and crushing inflation, but not on my watch. This is personal to me. I will never back down in defense of the conservative values that make America exceptional.

We’re built on the foundation of faith, but belief is declining, and religious liberty is under assault. Too many Americans have lost faith in each other, and too many have lost faith in themselves. I will always defend the Judeo-Christian foundation our nation is built on and protect our religious liberty. 

Believing in capitalism and trade does not mean we let Communist China breach our sovereign borders, steal our intellectual property and dominate crucial supply chains. I will stand up to Communist China and restore opportunities for hardworking Americans to thrive and prosper.

Migrants are detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents.
The porous US-Mexico border has seen a major jump in illegal crossings under the Biden administration.

Fight for ed. choice

Instead of a kids’ future being at the mercy of his or her ZIP code, I will fight to give every parent a choice in education so their children have a better chance in life.

Instead of hiring tens of thousands of new IRS agents, I’ll hire more Border Patrol agents and defend our nation and our neighborhood streets.

I bear witness that America can do for anyone what she has done for me — taken a poor boy from a single-parent home and allowed him to serve his neighbors in the United States Senate. 

But we must rise up to the challenges of our time. This is the fight we must win, and that will take faith. Faith in God, faith in each other, and faith in America.

Sen. Tim Scott is a ­Republican representing South Carolina.

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