‘Opposite of Funny’: The Onion’s Attack on J.K. Rowling Is All FAIL


Remember when The Onion used to be funny? Like, laugh-out-loud funny?

Well, it’s not funny anymore. Not in the least.

Yesterday, they posted a mean-spirited and unfunny thread of things author and women’s rights advocate J.K. Rowling is ‘willing to do to protect her anti-trans views’ and it’s just as cringe as you think it is:

Thankfully, Twitter/X reminded The Onion of just how far they’ve fallen:

Not just biology, but the fact women have a right to privacy, safety, and women’s-only spaces, especially women who were victims of sexual assault and abuse by men.

What a monster, right?

Mind-numbingly stupid.

Sure did.

Yes it is astonishing. They were the best at satirical news and commentary, and now they’re just bitter leftists.


Well done.

We remember when the Left claimed they did, too. Right up until their new cause du jour came around and women got kicked to the curb.

This is also part of it: comedy takes guts and risk. The risk someone could get offended; and since The Onion clearly has groups it prefers not to offend, attacking Rowling it is.

Yes it is.

Even those who say they are not fans of Rowling took issue with The Onion.

Gauche is an excellent word.

It is painful to watch. Pathetic, really.

Emphasis on used to be.

Nailed it.

No, she’s not. And she’s discussed this at length. She’s in favor of protecting women and girls, their sports, and their private spaces. For that, the Left calls her a ‘TERF’ and threatens her daily.

An excellent takedown.

Women are now ‘egg producers’, ‘womb havers’, ‘birthing persons’, people with ‘front holes’, etc. The Left has bent over backwards to erase women while elevating trans women, and calling anyone who objects a ‘TERF.’ Rowling just isn’t having it, and good for her.

They are their own worst enemies at times.

Rowling has more money than God, and therefore can speak her mind more freely than someone who could, as the Brits say, be sacked for saying certain things. And we desperately need her to keep saying the things she saying.


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