Only 10% of the $7.5T Spent During COVID Went to Health


Only 10% of the $7.5 trillion spent during Covid went to health. The rest funded Democrat wish lists from welfare to cash handouts to sketchy subsidies for special interests. Dr. Peter St. Onge, a Heritage Fellow, gives us the lowdown in the clip below.

A new report by Heritage found almost none of the seven and a half trillion dollars pumped out allegedly for COVID actually went to health.

“Instead, roughly 90% went to handouts and crony payments, much of that siphoned to the institutional left that has become the Democrats’ power base, meaning your local rioters, hand gluers, and that army of fact-checking censors are now fully funded courtesy of your tax dollars.”

“First, the numbers between 2020 and 2022 new spending authorizations from Washington totaled 7 1/2 trillion dollars. It’s about $57,400 per American household, so a second mortgage. Shockingly, almost none of it actually went to health; just 700 billion or less than 10% of that was even spent on public health, setting aside whether or not it was useful or not.

“Instead… the spending spree focused on welfare expansions, cash handouts, and opportunistic subsidies for a variety of special interests. So, who are those special interests?

Trillions went to green projects. “Biden’s famous Build Back Better cynically rebranded the Inflation Reduction Act. More went to the left universe of government-funded nonprofits for everything from LGBT and diversity to of course, sustainability, on top of bailouts for Hollywood, public transportation, blue city budget holes, the post office – a reliable Democrat base, even bailouts for union pensions which were running a $757 billion debt.

“Then, of course, the military-industrial complex – which is what Republicans got returned -who continues to loot the Treasury to the tune of $2 trillion per year on National Defense. That’s $12,150 per month per household to fund every proxy war they can find while giving free security to any dictator who can cash a check. If it’s good for Lockheed, it is good for America.

“All those crony trillions, of course, led to this skyrocketing inflation – 7 1/2 trillion comes to roughly half the entire supply of dollars in existence pre-COVID. So about one in three dollars had fresh ink on them, courtesy of a very obliging Federal Reserve who bought up all the treasuries they couldn’t flog in the private market, effectively printing all that money.

The fleecing will continue until morale improves.

Democrats are a threat to Democracy.

We saw this first at WhatFinger.

Las Vegas News Magazine

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