Oliver Anthony Responds after Media Tries to Label Him a “Biden Supporter”


Rising star Oliver Anthony has spoken out against recent media smears attempting to label him as a “Biden supporter” and contradict his working-class credibility.

Oliver Anthony, who rose to fame after “Rich Man North of Richmond” went viral, said the media is now trying to twist his words.

“Corporate news (big surprise) is now trying to twist me into being a Biden supporter,” Oliver Anthony wrote with a laughing emoji.

Anthony claimed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was implying that removing Biden “would automatically solve all the problems,” an insinuation that the folk singer disputed.

“Biden is a big part of the issue, but it runs much deeper,” Anthony said.

“‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ is about corporate-owned DC politicians on both sides. Though Biden’s most certainly a problem, the lyrics aren’t exclusively knocking Biden; it’s bigger and broader than that.”

“It’s knocking the system collectively. Including the corporate-owned conservative politicians [sic] that were on stage that night.”


Anthony’s political inclinations have been the focus of speculation in recent weeks.

The singer vented frustration, stating it was “aggravating seeing people on conservative news try to identify with me like I’m one of them.”

Anthony’s song was raking in $40,000 daily, and three of his tracks secured the top three positions on iTunes.

He also has 4.5 million monthly Spotify listeners,

While Antony has connected to the Conservative sphere, he appeared to distance himself from the Republican party and the Democrat party.

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me, and I tried to be polite to everybody, and I’ve talked to hundreds of people the last two weeks, and it seems like certain people want to just ride the attention of the song to maybe make their own selves relevant, and that’s aggravating as hell,” Anthony said.

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