Okay, Did Hamas Really Behead Babies During Its Massacres in Israel?


War propaganda? Maybe not. Ever since the horrific report went out that Israeli forces had discovered beheaded babies in the wake of Hamas’ jihad massacres of Oct. 7, the doubters have been vocal. When the Israeli government initially said that it couldn’t confirm the story, the minds of many people were made up: this was just another lie, concocted to draw America into yet another war. Yet the original reporter is standing by her story, and others are confirming it as well.

Jackson Hinkle, an anti-Israel social media personality with over half a million followers on Twitter/X, was one of the doubters, tweeting on Thursday: “The US lied about Iraq. The US lied about Syria. The US lied about Libya. The US lied about Kuwait. The US lied about Ukraine. The US lied about Afghanistan. But you think they’re telling the truth about Israel – Palestine & 40 beheaded babies? Give me a break.”

Hinkle’s tweet came just short of nine hours after the Jerusalem Post tweeted: “The Jerusalem Post can now confirm based on verified photos of the bodies that the reports of babies being burnt and decapitated in Hamas’s assault on Kfar Aza are correct.”

What’s more, the reporter who broke this story is standing by every word. PJM’s Catherine Salgado noted Tuesday that i24News correspondent Nicole Zedeck said during a broadcast, “David, it’s hard to even explain exactly just the mass casualties that happened right here. In fact, the Israeli military says they still don’t have a clear number… Babies, their heads cut off, that’s what they said; gunned down — families, completely gunned down in their beds.”

On Wednesday, Zedeck confronted those who were doubting her report. On the Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show, she said, “I witnessed some of those scenes with my own eyes as we were walking through this community that may be a quarter of a mile from the Gaza border, the atrocities that were still left behind, children, cribs, baby cribs overturned on their side, splattered with blood.” She said that it was an “apocalyptic scene.”

Yes, but were babies beheaded? Zedeck said of those who came to the scene of the Hamas massacre at the Kfar Aza kibbutz, “There are no words to describe what they’ve seen. Babies’ heads cut off. That’s what they encountered when they came there.” She added, “So as horrible as it is and I wish that it wasn’t true. And I see how those images and those words are hard to comprehend because it’s hard to comprehend how anyone could commit such heinous, heinous crimes. But that’s exactly what happened in just one of the kibbutz communities.”

Of those who doubted her testimony, Zedeck said:

You know, it’s sickening, really, that people are asking, “Where are the babies? Why aren’t you showing the babies?” Is that something that anyone would want to see the first thing with their own eyes? Because after the graphic images that I saw of just children’s beds covered in blood, I don’t think I would be able to stomach those atrocities as well. I could never imagine something like that happening, so I could never speak those words if no one had spoken them to me because I didn’t know that was a possibility for someone to witness with their own eyes. I didn’t know anyone was capable of committing something like that, so that’s the only way I could report it, by speaking to these soldiers, these commanders, who witnessed it firsthand.

It’s also important to note that what is at issue here is whether or not babies were beheaded. No one is denying that Hamas murdered babies among the 1,300 Israelis it slaughtered. So the implication that this is all just war propaganda, and that if it can be definitively disproven that Hamas beheaded babies, then everything would be sunshine and daisies in Israel and Gaza, is false.

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Hamas committed numerous sickening atrocities last Saturday, and those who are accustomed to dehumanizing Israelis have been celebrating that fact all over the world. If it beheaded babies, as the Jerusalem Post and Nicole Zedeck report, no one would be surprised; after all, beheading is a favored tactic of jihadis the world over, hallowed by Qur’anic sanction (8:12, 47:4). If this were any other news item, no one would have doubted the initial report. But many people just can’t get their minds around the idea that any atrocities could really be committed against the country they love to hate most of all.

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