Oh No, THAT’S a Shame … ANYWAY: Megan Rapinoe’s Whole Career Goes Out With LESS than a Bang (Watch)


If only Megan Rapinoe had hated America MORE, then maybe her career wouldn’t have ended in such a miserable and embarrassing way. Yeah yeah, we know, we’re supposed to be the adults around here but … eh. We don’t have any sympathy for what happened to her here.

Rapinoe started making this bed years ago, it’s okay to let her sleep in it.


No one even touched her.

She just went down.

From Fox News:

Megan Rapinoe’s career is not going to end as she had hoped.

She left the field Saturday to an ovation after she suffered a non-contact injury less than three minutes into the final game of her career.

Rapinoe’s OL Reign was facing Gotham FC in the National Women’s Soccer League final in San Diego when Rapinoe went down to the turf.

They were only three minutes into the game when she suffered the non-contact injury. That makes this even more painful, for Megan.

We’ve searched and searched Twitter/X and honestly, we’re not seeing anyone with much sympathy for the soccer player who refused to stand for our National Anthem. Gosh, maybe being a politically obsessed, country-hating, snide, smug, harpy didn’t actually play well with soccer fans OR Americans in general.


Whoda thunk?



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