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The sad fact is, most of America right now could care less about history or truth – their plan is control and hating all of us who simply want freedom to determine our own course. Nowhere is that more evident than what happens when someone used a leftwing talking point on X.com. Warning: use a leftwing talking point and you will get hammered. Especially when you call for obliterating the MAGA agenda.

Leftwing Talking Point

Shannon Joy is a podcaster followed by numerous conservatives. She posted on November 30 that the only way forward is to “obliterate the MAGA cult.” Her words touched off a firestorm. Here is the offending tweet, and her attempt to pull back her response.

Is America headed for a recession?

For clarification – I am generally pro-human and anti-cult. I would absolutely support the obliteration of most cults especially violent cults, sex cults & death cults. Political cults can wreak havoc on societies at large so I’m really NOT a fan of those either. People who are in cults blindly worship idols, lose the ability to reason, isolate from friends and family and will obliterate themselves for the sake of the cult. They are victims IMO. TO BE VERY CLEAR: People who voted for Trump are NOT cultists. People who want to make America great again are NOT cultists. They are normal people just like you & me! The MAGA cult I am referring to is a VERY small sliver of completely radicalized Trump followers who are basically bat shit crazy. They will destroy themselves & everything around them, including this country in their utter worship of Donald Trump. They need to be emancipated from this cult and I believe the only way to do that is to get rid of THE CULT – not the people. I am clearly NOT talking about obliterating human beings. I’m talking about obliterating an organization that is dangerous to the people in it AND the country at large. I stand by this statement. THANK YOU & good night! Shannon Joy on X.com

The problem she has here is that she totally misses the point – MAGA is an acronym for “Make America Great Again.” It is not a “cult” and never has been.  The “Freedom Caucus” in the House of Representatives has the best hopes for the country, but often fail to realize that in a divided government, getting their agenda through is not possible. They should bide their time and wait. But they refuse to compromise, which often causes chaos.  Does that make them a “cult?” Not hardly. She seems to feel that the whole MAGA agenda is worship of Donald Trump.

She also claimed that the term MAGA is part of the satanic church and used it as ‘evidence’ that it’s a cult mentality. (Except that she missed the truth on that as well.) She is an obvious Trump-hater.

Here is a sampler of the responses:

This is false and is why you cannot take her seriously. The MAGA in the Church of Satan is defined below. I do not condone anything associated with this Church. I also do not condone people lying about the MAGA movement in the USA.@StOrMyN22133081

Shannon is a paid shill, so… Shannon’s handlers want to continue the good old warmongering, police surveillance state, embezzling taxpayer money days. CIA Operation Mockingbird style. @0Idmanfrank

Democrats playbook… Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals 1. Accuse others of what you yourself are doing. 2. Apply personal attacks 3. Use ridicule & shame. 4. Use opponents beliefs against them. 5. Play the role of victim/ oppressed. 6. Repeat. @JimmyFalk_55

Despicable Marxist liar… Behind the supposed pretty face lurks a soulless monster..@EagleEyeFlyer

Ms. Joy thinks some Trump supporters are “bat shit crazy” and feels that their “worship of Donald Trump” puts them in a cult status. I’d say she is spouting words that reveal the left’s true colors: fascism. Their hatred of all things Trump is so delusional and evil that this woman who is followed by conservatives should have thought better of her demand for “obliteration” of the MAGA “cult.”

The thinking and reasoning ability of Americans right now is completely destroyed in the heated rhetoric of politics and social situations.  The left’s true colors always shine through in their talking points, but few people recognize it. That is true for Ms. Joy as well. She used a leftwing talking point, and it blew back in her face.



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