Obama, Clinton and Biden ALL used secret, fake-name email accounts to hide their actions


I am surprised that anyone is surprised that, as vice president in the Obama administration, Joe Biden used email accounts under fake names to loop his son Hunter into official US government business.

This is how the Obama administration rolled.

When high officials were involved in a dodgy activity they wanted to shield from public disclosure laws, they frequently used pseudonymous email accounts.

That included President Barack Obama himself.

As I argued at the time, one of the main reasons the Obama Justice Department whitewashed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s criminally negligent mishandling of classified information, through the lawless homebrew server system she set up for doing official government business, is that Obama was implicated.

He knew that she was using a non-government communications channel because, numerous times, she used it to correspond with him.

You were never supposed to know that because they concealed it on both ends.

Clinton used not only a non-government address but a non-secure, private domain that the FBI concluded could easily have been — and probably was — penetrated by hostile foreign intelligence services.

For his part, Obama used a pseudonymous email address.

Obviously, Obama and Clinton were not talking about the weather.

They were talking about sensitive matters that are presumptively classified.

Indeed, Clinton was on an official trip to Russia (which boasts one of the world’s most capable spying apparatuses) during some of this email correspondence with Obama.

If Clinton had been charged in the case, the fact that she was communicating with Obama and that he was using a fake address would have become central to the case.

That would have been profoundly embarrassing to Obama — and there was no way the Obama Justice Department was going to let that happen.

So the administration did three things.

First, the Obama White House argued that it was no big deal for high officials to use pseudonymous emails — in fact, it was standard practice.

Second, Obama made it publicly known in an April 2016 interview that he did not want Clinton to be indicted.

Three months later, the FBI’s then-director, James Comey, announced that there would be no indictment, offering the same rationale Obama had offered: viz. that Clinton hadn’t intended any harm to national security (which is not a defense under the relevant criminal statutes).

In making that announcement, Comey omitted the reference to Obama as a recipient of Clinton’s emails that had been included in earlier drafts of his remarks.

There being no prosecution, the Clinton-Obama emails would not become public at a trial.

Finally, Obama ensured that his email correspondence with Clinton would remain hidden from public view by invoking executive privilege.

Naturally, because this involved Obama, the media-Democrat complex complaisantly decided there was nothing to see.

The Biden corruption evidence is mounting, including evidence that the then-vice president was up to his eyeballs in contacts with Hunter’s foreign “partners,” who were paying millions of dollars into the Biden family coffers.

At this point, it is nigh-hilarious to hear Democrats claiming there is scant proof that the president was involved in Hunter’s business when it is already abundantly clear that Joe Biden was the business.

Without him, without his knowing — I would say eager — willingness to enable his son, brother and other family members to cash in, there could have been no such business.

Biden used pseudonyms for relevant emails that may number in the hundreds for the same reason Hunter set up 20 obscure LLCs to camouflage the payments and their foreign sources — apparatchiks of corrupt and anti-American regimes.

When you’re doing something you shouldn’t be doing, you try to keep it under wraps.

But as his career attests, Joe Biden is the very antithesis of an original thinker.

He didn’t come up with the idea of using fake email addresses.

He just followed the Obama playbook.

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