NOTHING TO SEE HERE: Australian Government Offering to Pay for Funerals of Those Who Die From Covid Vaccines


This isn’t suspect at all, but The Australian government is now offering to pay for funerals of those who die from Covid-19 vaccines. My Oh My, what do we have here?

The Australian government has seemingly acknowledged that Covid vaccines can kill people by updating its website to introduce a policy to pay for funeral costs of people who die after getting vaccinated. You don’t say?

Check out what Jonathan Engler points out below:

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As you can see from this post, Twitter’s algorithyms are completely stifling this story, because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

The Australian government has helpfully offered to pay funeral costs if you die from the COVID “vaccine.”

Now why would they offer to pay for your funeral costs if you got the vaccine if the vaccines don’t cause deaths. That sure is a conundrum isn’t it?

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The policy also includes a nice provision to pay compensation of up to $600,000 if hospitalization is necessary due to injuries or health issues from the vaccine. The government website says that in order to claim the costs, relatives have to provide the following:

-The deceased’s death certificate or medical cause of death certificate
-Proof that you’re acting on behalf of the deceased
-Proof of any funeral costs and who paid, like receipts
-Proof of any amounts you got or will get from third parties, like funeral insurance
-Proof of the deceased’s partner and children dependent on the earnings of the deceased at the -time of death, if applicable.

The policy also contains advice on “How to calculate payments and funeral costs,” advising claimants that “You need to show your actual costs for the funeral. Remember to deduct any amounts you got or will get from third parties.”

The police also states that “One of the fantastic things about the scheme is that you can make a claim online seeking reimbursement for expenses or compensation for your injury without the need to involve a lawyer or commence formal legal proceedings.”

This is unbelievable, and will we see this same policy start to be implemented in the United States and other countries? Thanks to our friends at Summit News for contributing to this article. – Our Apparel Brand – Tell them Matt Couch Sent you! – Long lasting food from our friends at My Patriot Supply – Support our work on Patreon 

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