Non-stop Abortion Ads Are Making Democrat Women Look Like Bloodthirsty Ghouls


One can only watch so many ads featuring woman after woman mewling about how the most important thing ever is for them to be able to terminate their unborn babies before Democrat women start looking like barbarous ghouls.

Some of my PJ Media colleagues, along with myself, have written about how the Democrats have nothing to offer this election season except promises to furnish full access to baby butchers for all uterus people.

“In a tacit admission that they have nothing new or helpful to offer, Democrats are going all-in on a massive abortion pep rally in the 2022 midterm races. They’re heading into the election cycle homestretch with a massive $124 million already spent on pro-abortion television ads — nearly 20 times what they spent pushing pregnancy termination in the 2018 midterms…,” I wrote back in September. And that ad spend has ballooned even more since then.

And the pro-abort ad blitz is definitely in full swing. You can’t avoid it, no matter where you look: it’s wall-to-wall wailing about women’s endangered right to end pregnancies. But it turns out that normal people are far less concerned with whether they might have to drive to the state line to kill their baby than whether they can find enough affordable food and heat to get through the winter while avoiding random violence from mentally ill drug-addicted vagrants.

Legendary Democrat political strategist James Carville was vexed enough by the all-abortion-all-the-time strategy to complain to the Associated Press last month. “A lot of these consultants think if all we do is run abortion spots that will win for us. I don’t think so,” he warned. “It’s a good issue. But if you just sit there and they’re pummeling you on crime and pummeling you on the cost of living, you’ve got to be more aggressive than just yelling ‘abortion’ every other word.”

Carville is right that Democrats are missing what’s really motivating voters this year. But beyond that, something perhaps more politically harmful that no strategist seems to have thought about is emerging: All this incessant caterwauling about the need to murder the most vulnerable class of humanity is making Democrats — especially Democrat women — look like obsessive monsters.

Sorry, ladies, dogpiling on helpless pre-born babies so you can kill them just isn’t a good look.

Here in the New York City metro market, the political advertising in the run-up to the midterms can be summed up thusly: ABORTION! ABORTION! ABORTION! Scary Guns! ABORTION! ABORTION! ABORTION! ABORTION! ABORTION! MAGA Extremism! ABORTION! ABORTION! ABORTION! ABORTION! … You get the idea.

But in reality, New Yorkers are more concerned with keeping their children alive. They would like criminals locked up so their kids don’t get murdered. They would like to be able to afford to feed their children and keep them warm in winter. They’d like to be able to find baby formula so their infants don’t starve.

Undaunted, Democrats continue to run endless political ads that showcase women squawking that the right to keep flushing out undesirable unborn children is paramount.  Some of the women in the ads are “everyday” gals, supposedly representative of friends, co-workers, and family of the viewing audience, or even the viewer herself. Some of the featured women are the candidates. Precious few of them are in danger of becoming pregnant. Commercial breaks on broadcast TV have become the equivalent of The View in hell.

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One thing’s for sure: Democrats have completely destroyed the Woman brand. A guy would be nuts to date a Democrat. A Democrat woman considers men to be oppressors and competitors, not partners. She will rant about how essential it is that she be able to kill his baby at her whim. And she probably has a penis, too.

Men, get you a nice conservative woman. Take good care of her and she’ll keep you warm. Have a happy life.

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