Night Cap: NH Border Stores Should Stock Up on Flourescent Light Bulbs – Vermont Ban Begins Jan 1 – JP


The People’s Republic of Vermont banned fluorescent light bulbs. Not all, but the most common and practical home and office use varies. That is bad news for Vermonters but good news, maybe great news, for New Hampshire retailers.


Starting January 1, a new state law will prohibit the sale of specific mercury-containing fluorescent lightbulbs in Vermont, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation said.

Restrictions include the sale of general purpose, indoor/outdoor, residential, and business mercury-containing four-foot linear, compact fluorescent, and twist-based fluorescent lightbulbs. Twist-based (GU-24) Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) are also restricted from sale.

If your home or business currently uses these fluorescent bulbs, you will not be able to buy more after January 1. If your business sells these bulbs online or in a store, you will not be able to do so next year.


Vermont is correct about a few things. Many states have moved away from the Mercury bulbs, as have manufacturers. Alternatives are available that use less electricity and they are becoming more affordable. There are even 4 ft tube style LED bulbs to replace the old versions and this particular prohibition focuses on the standard 4-foot tubes you find in homes, warehouses, workshops, offices, and other professional workspaces.


Fluorescent lamps. Beginning on January 1, 2024, no four-foot linear fluorescent lamp may be offered for final sale, sold at final sale, or distributed in Vermont as a new manufactured product.


The old standard is not illegal to own or use. You simply cannot sell them in Vermont or transport them into the state for sale after the first of the year. And since the LED equivalents are still a lot more expensive, you can buy the banned versions in New Hampshire and drive them back to your home or workspace.

And to be clear, I am not suggesting you ignore any other requirements of handling. It is less of a hardship to make the time to recycle them properly than to drive over the border to buy them, so do that. But feel free to buy them in New Hampshire, and while you are here, get some beer, liquor, cigarettes, gas, fireworks, or anything else you might want to buy that is cheaper or can be purchased without paying any sales tax.

We won’t stop you doing that, either.



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