NHL All-Star snubs, surprises and names to know for next year


The initial 32 players for the 2023 NHL All-Star game were announced Thursday. One player per team was selected, with the remaining 12 players coming later via fan voting. There’s no shortage of star power, but a number of talented players are notable for their absence from the lists.

We gathered our panel of writers to break down the biggest snubs, the players whom they are most excited to see, and the players who didn’t make the cut this season but could make the team in 2024.

Who is the biggest snub from the initial list of 32 players?

Ryan S. Clark: Rasmus Dahlin. That has more to do with the format because there’s no denying Tage Thompson is definitely an All-Star. Dahlin is top three among defensemen in goals, points, points per game and ice time while being fifth in assists. He’s projected to finish with 89 points in a season that — to this point — should merit Norris consideration and an ASG appearance.

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