NH House USA-Israel Relations Caucus Responds to Former Executive Counselor Volinski’s Effort to Attack Israel Via Primary Ballots – JP


(Concord, New Hampshire – January 18, 2024) — Former Executive Council Andru Volinsky has initiated a campaign to have Granite State Democrats write in “Ceasefire” instead of President Biden’s name on the primary ballot on January 23rd.

We, members of the NH House USA-Israel Relations Caucus, a bipartisan caucus of currently seated Representatives to the NH General Court, condemn these divisive and inappropriate tactics.

It’s hard to know where to start voicing how wholly inappropriate these actions taken by Volinsky are. Do we now advocate using our voice at the ballot box to express our views on foreign policy? Are we to relinquish our right to vote for our candidate of choice to make a political statement? New Hampshire holds its First in the Nation primary elections in accordance with upholding our constitutional duties, which is a serious responsibility and commitment. We should also not ignore the unnecessary burden this kind of tactic would place upon the town clerks and volunteer poll-workers throughout the state.

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Nowhere in this campaign did Volinsky mention the unspeakable horrors committed by Hamas in executing over 1200 Israelis and taking hostage 240 civilians, many of whom were women and children.

Recent evidence has revealed that Hamas had constructed a much more extensive tunnel system beneath Gaza from which to launch their campaign of terror against the citizens of Israel than Israeli intelligence estimated, spanning hundreds of miles. As Israel had always asserted, these tunnels were constructed under hospitals and schools as a means of creating human shields. Until Israel destroys these tunnels and eradicates Hamas, the people of Israel will never be secure.

We don’t believe there is anyone with a beating heart who does not want to protect the innocent victims of Gaza. It is heartbreaking to see what is happening to an entire population, 47% of whom are children. However, hijacking the ballot to direct foreign policy is a dangerous, inappropriate, and slippery slope.

The New Hampshire House USA-Israel Relations Caucus
(For a full listing of the names of the undersigned caucus members, contact the Caucus Chairman, Representative James Spillane.)

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