Newsweek Covers for FBI, Ukrainian Spy Who Penetrated Capitol on J6


Last Updated on September 5, 2023

It appears Newsweek is spinning a narrative for the Deep State after Loomer exposed Ukrainian Spies with connections to the Azov Battalion were involved in J6. Newsweek downplayed Loomer’s reporting, writing, “Photographs of Dybynyn[the Ukrianan spy] at the riot have been used by some conservatives to push conspiracy theories about January 6, though these theories have not been proven and have been dismissed by many experts.” This quote from Newsweek is interesting because countless American citizens have been arrested for peacefully trespassing on J6, yet Mr. Dybynyn has not been arrested, despite photos showing him trespassing on Capitol grounds during J6.

Loomer rightfully criticized Newsweek posting on X, “Of course Operation Mockingbird Media @Newsweek has to downplay what I just exclusively exposed to soften the blow about the @FBI concealing the fact that a Ukrainian spy penetrated the US Capitol on J6 and a J6er was interrogated over it. It was suspected before that Ukrainians were at the Capitol, but I exposed that the FBI privately confirmed it during an interrogation of a US citizen who was jailed over J6.”

Even more odd is Mr. Dybynyn took photos with the J6 Shaman known as Jake Anglei. Most J6ers associated with Mr. Angeli have been arrested. However, Mr. Dybynyn has not. Loomer’s post then explained her conversation with Mr. Anglei, “They completely fail to mention that I broke this story. It wasn’t a passive interview, it is a monumental investigation that I conducted and exposed by talking to Jacob Chansley privately, not on a public interview as Newsweek is claiming. The information is 100% confirmed and @AmericaShaman can confirm. He can also confirm that this wasn’t public until I reported it.”

“There was no public interview. Newsweek is characterizing it this way to downplay my investigation.”

Loomer’s post ended with her criticizing Newsweek for distorting the facts, writing that “Newsweek needs to issue a clarification because they are acting like this is a passive admission when this is a major investigation that I conducted and broke, and it was not in a public interview. They are distorting the facts.”

It’s now on the GOP Congress to investigate why Mr. Dybynyn is receiving different treatment from the Biden FBI compared to others at the Capitol on J6.

Stay with National File as this story continues to develop.

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