Netflix Removes ‘LGBTQ’ Tag from New Jeffrey Dahmer Series After Gay Community Has Meltdown For Saying He Was Gay [Disclaimer: He Was Gay]


Netflix has reportedly cowered to the woke mob after they threw a temper tantrum like a spoiled toddler on social media because “LGBTQ” was put in the title about Jeffrey Dahmer in the new hit Netflix series “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.”

Facts be damned, feelings are what matters in the Democrats psychotic version of America.

On September 21, Netflix debuted “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,” a 10-part, fictional dramatization of the life, confession, arrest, and conviction of Dahmer. Dahmer pled guilty by reason of insanity to murdering 16 men and underage boys in Milwaukee and Ohio between 1978 and 1991, though a jury later found him to be mentally competent. He was charged with but not convicted of another murder.

Dahmer who took photos nude with the men and engaged with them sexually, lured most of his victims to his residence of the residence belonging to his grandmother.

He then drugged them, strangled them, and dismembered their bodies.

In some cases, Dahmer persevered some of their body parts for masturbation purposes. Police discovered several severed heads, hearts, penises, and even complete skeletons in his apartment. Dahmer also admitted to engaging in necrophilia and cannibalism.

Most of Dahmer’s victims were gay and racial or ethnic minorities.

Dahmer was a homosexual and most of his victims identified as members of the gay community. Netflix tagged the series as “LGBTQ” content. However members of the gay community went postal on social media because of the association with Dahmer and the LGBTQ community. Again, facts be damned in today’s America.

Listen to what some of these insane liberals are saying, it’s just like what they want to do with United States history, they want to erase it. Dahmer was GAY… I’ll say it again for those in the back.. Gay Gay Gay, Gay Gay g-Gay..

One TikTok user called @lizthelezbo also asked “why the f***” Netflix would tag the series as “LGBTQ” since “this is not the representation we’re looking for,” even if it is “technically true” that Dahmer was gay.

Yes, how dare they actually say that a serial killer who was gay… was gay..

Netflix has since removed the “LGBTQ” tag, but it’s unclear when they did it. They caved to the clowns who complain about anything and everything.

Dahmer was convicted in 1992 and given 16 life sentences. In November 1994, fellow inmate Christopher Scarver murdered Dahmer while he was performing his work duties. Scarver also confessed to bludgeoning another inmate, Jesse Anderson. Scarver, a schizophrenic who had already been convicted of murder, was given two additional life sentences for the deaths of Dahmer and Anderson.

According to reports, Dahmer became a born-again Christian and was baptized into the Church of Christ before his death.

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