MUST WATCH: James O’Keefe EXPOSES IBM’s anti-white agenda during AmFest speech


James O’Keefe took the stage at Turning Point USA’s 2023 America Fest in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday. During the presentation, O’Keefe revealed messages in response to his latest report on IBM that revealed anti-white materials at the company.

The presentation followed the theme of his conversation the night before, which added more reporting onto a Dec. 11 report, when he leaked a video of IBM’s CEO speaking about hiring quotas based on race for DEI.

O’Keefe also revealed on Monday on stage with Tucker Carlson, Tim Pool, and Charlie Kirk that over 150 people had reached out to him and his media organization, OMG (O’Keefe Media Group), who released the bombshell about IBM.

Messages from some of these insiders at IBM were displayed on the screen while the presentation was given.

One of the messages read, “My husband was fired from Red Hat after almost 16 years. He was fired in August.” Red Hat is a subsidiary of IBM.

Similar messages were displayed from the 150 who had reached out to O’Keefe.

During O’Keefe’s presentation, he also brought up different people who had reported on stories of corruption.

Two students from the University of Pittsburgh who recorded audio from administrators, Lili Orozco and Khaleil Laracuente, who respectively are the TPUSA president and vice president at University of Pittsburgh, came up on stage and encouraged everyone to call out corruption. 

Debbie Bernal and Melissa McAtee, two former employees from Pfizer who helped expose the company in a report from O’Keefe’s first organization, Project Veritas, also took to the stage. 

Debbie Bernal spoke of her experience when she was locked in a room, had her belongings searched, and had people visit her home that were sent from IBM.

“The day I decided to no longer be complicit, Pfizer decided to lock me in a room, interrogate me, rummage through my things, and they even sent people to my home,” Bernal recalled.

“But after they did that, I realized I must be doing the right thing,” Bernal said. “And you can too.”

Along with the other whistleblowers on stage, O’Keefe encouraged those in the audience to report what they can to expose corruption.

“We’re going to make sure, in 2024, we’re going to have more whistleblowers than we’ve ever had at Project Veritas,” O’Keefe said.

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